The addition of Darius Campbell gives the Rams a skilled athlete in their secondary

Campbell has a chance to come in immediately and see early playing time at nickel or cornerback for the Rams.

Louisiana cornerback Darius Campbell signed with CSU last month, giving the Rams a late, but talented, addition to their 2017 class. He may not be the biggest defensive back, but the 5-foot-8, 170-pounder could play either side of the ball and return kicks. For now, he will be expected to compete for early playing time at cornerback for the Rams, a position they'll need immediate help at. ITR provides another Get To Know Q&A, featuring Campbell's recruitment and personality, so Rams fans can better understand who CSU is getting in the John Ehret standout.


Inside The Rams: Darius, recap your entire recruitment for us from start to finish.

Darius Campbell: "First, I was committed to Tulane, then I de-committed from them. Colorado State was sending me letters and stuff, but they never DMed me on Twitter or got in contact with me, but they would send me letters. I think it was two weeks before signing day, they called me after my official visit at Jackson State and they offered me a scholarship. That week, I was supposed to go visit, but they had cancelled my trip because they filled too many spots. I guess a spot had opened up for me a week later, so I de-committed from Jackson State and committed to CSU."

ITR: You committed to CSU a few days before signing day. You committed having not visited, but have you had a chance to visit CSU since then?

Campbell: "Yeah I did. I visited about two weeks ago."

ITR: Recap your visit for me. What were some of the highlights of that trip and things you experienced that stuck out to you?

Campbell: "We saw the new stadium. I loved that, then all the buildings they're building on campus. I like what they're doing with the football team, the schedule and stuff like that. The campus looked beautiful and the city is beautiful, also. They showed me the old stadium that they played in and what they're going to do with it after they build the new one."

ITR: Do you remember who your player-host was?

Campbell: "My player-host was Robert (Awunganyi)."

ITR: How did you like your time with him and the other players, and did you feel like you meshed well with them?

Campbell: "It was fun. When we got together, I felt like it was family. It was like I had already met him before. We combined as a 'DB U'."

ITR: Was this your first time visiting Colorado and what were your impressions of it?

Campbell: "Yeah, it was my first time. It was a fun experience, actually. They didn't have snow when I was up there. It was actually good weather; it wasn't really cold."

ITR: Can you list all the offers you collected throughout your recruiting process?

Campbell: "Tulane, ULM, UTSA, Jackson State, Troy, Southern Miss, South Alabama, and McNeese State."

ITR: What ultimately sold you on picking CSU over those other offers?

Campbell: "It was a great opportunity and a better way for me. They have a great team, great coaches and a great atmosphere out there. It was a good experience. I feel like it'll give me a chance to go to the NFL."

ITR: What was your relationship like with (primary recruiter) Coach (Bryan) Applewhite and what stood out about him during your recruitment?

Campbell: "He's a good assistant coach and he knows how to recruit. I can see that. He's truthful about what he says about the campus and what's going on with the football team."

ITR: CSU likes you at corner, but you might even play some receiver. What are some specifics that Coach Applewhite, Coach Bobo and the other coaches said that they like about your game?

Campbell: "They said on defense, they like how aggressive I am and how I could cover. On the offensive side, they said they like what I could do when I get the ball in my hands."

ITR: Do you feel like there's a chance that you can be a return man too and even play some receiver?

Campbell: "Yeah, I feel like it's a great chance that I can."

ITR: What were some of your post-senior season awards and honors you received?

Campbell: "I was first team all-District and all-Metro."

ITR: What was your favorite part about the recruiting process as a whole?

Campbell: "My favorite part was taking visits to different schools and seeing the cultures of different states."

ITR: What was your least favorite part of your recruiting process?

Campbell: "Picking which school."

ITR: Was there anything unique in your recruitment or any crazy stories that stuck out?

Campbell: "No. Nothing really crazy happened. Everything was just an exciting experience."


ITR: Do you remember what your measurables were on your CSU visit, as far as height and weight?

Campbell: "5-8, 168."

ITR: Do you know your most recent bench max, squat max and 40 time?

Campbell: "My last bench max was 265; my last squat was 375. I've never really had a real 40."

ITR: Darius, what was your favorite high school football memory?

Campbell: "My favorite high school football memory was when we made it to the dome (Superdome) last year."

ITR: Who is your favorite athlete and/or NFL player and why?

Campbell: "My favorite athletes, I'd say, are Tyran Mathieu and Brian Dawkins. I like Brian Dawkins because of the way he plays, how aggressive he is. I like Tyran Mathieu because he's just an athlete. He's everywhere they ball is. He's a ballhawk."

ITR: What are some of your hobbies outside of football?

Campbell: "Training, really. Eating... really, I just train on my own. I really don't be doing a lot."

ITR: Do you play any other sports?

Campbell: "I run track. I do long jump and the 4x1."

ITR: What are your personal bests in those events?

Campbell: "My personal best in the long jump was 21."

ITR: What is your favorite pair of shoes?

Campbell: "My favorite pair of shoes is the Jordan 11s, because I just like the way they look on my feet when I wear them."

ITR: What's something about you that most people may not know?

Campbell: "That I'm a calm person, that I don't really overreact about nothin'."

ITR: What does your offseason training regimen look like?

Campbell: "I'm working with my coach right now, one of my DB coaches from last year. He's helping me with my footwork and some DB skills. I'm doing the workout book Colorado State sent me. So I just go and work out of that."

ITR: What is your dream job and why?

Campbell: "My dream job is to be an NFL player and a dentist, because those are the two things I like and find interesting."

ITR: I take it that's what you're majoring in at CSU then?

Campbell: "Yeah, dentistry."

ITR: What do you feel like specifically you'll bring to the CSU secondary.

Campbell: "I feel like I'll bring aggressiveness. More picks are going to be made. It's going to be a more exciting DB unit this year."

ITR: From what you know about CSU's secondary, do you feel like you can see significant playing time as a true freshman this year?

Campbell: "Yeah, if I work hard enough I could."

ITR: What are you most excited about in starting this next chapter of your life and being a CSU Ram?

Campbell: "I'm really excited about what's next, like what's going to happen next and how this is going to turn out, how the games are going to be, how does college work... I'm just ready for college life."

ITR: Do you know who you're going to be rooming with as a freshman?

Campbell: "No, not yet."

ITR: What jersey number do you want to wear at CSU?

Campbell: "25. That's the number that Coach gave me."

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