ISA (Fla.) forward Logan Ryan is Colorado State's third hoops commitment in 2017

Inside The Rams has the latest on under the radar forward Logan Ryan, CSU's newest hoops pledge.

Naples (Fla.) International Sports Academy forward Logan Ryan became Colorado State's newest basketball commitment Thursday after he publicly announced his decision to join Larry Eustachy's program. The 6-foot-8 prep school attendee provided insight into his recruitment and his commitment with See ITR's Q&A with Ryan below.

Inside The Rams: Logan, what ultimately sold you on committing to Colorado State?

Logan Ryan: "I went out there last weekend for my official (visit). When I got there, the campus really sold itself. The players and the coaching staff are really welcoming. It was almost a no-brainer. I hate to be cliche, but it was a great fit. Right when I got there, I was real comfortable. I was happy to settle with that place."

ITR: What were the specific highlights of your trip that stuck out to you?

Ryan: "I had never been to Colorado before until the visit. I had never seen the mountains and the campus was beautiful. Really, it was a real college atmosphere and the coaches had said that before I got there. They said I'd really love it, the campus is gonna sell itself and everything. When I got there, it didn't undersell. It was beautiful, nice weather and it was really a place I could see myself living for the next four years."

ITR: Who was you player host?

Ryan: "Nico (Carvacho)."

ITR: What did you think of Nico and the players, and how well do you think you meshed with the team?

Ryan: "They were really cool guys. I didn't know what to expect, honestly. They were just normal guys. There was no egos; it was all friendliness. We went out to dinner, went out to eat with the coaches and my parents. Everybody had a good time. Coach (Steve) Barnes was there and it was a good family feel. Those guys were real cool. Playing with them, they're real good, too. It was awesome. It was a love at first sight type of deal."

ITR: It seemed like you jumped onto the CSU radar pretty late. How long had CSU been recruiting you and when did they offer?

Ryan: "As you know, I went to prep school. They had come out to a workout earlier in the year, maybe December. So I had been in touch with them for awhile and they had given me an offer a couple weeks ago. I scheduled my official visit and the rest is history. I fell in love with it and I'm glad to be a Ram."

ITR: Who was you primary recruiter from CSU?

Ryan: "I'd say Coach Barnes, but Coach Jase Herl came down and he really gave me a rundown of what the campus was like when I was in Naples - he had come to our workout and he told us what to expect and what they were all about. Those were the two I talked to the most."

ITR: Break down your relationships with both coaches and what they were telling you throughout your recruiting process.

Ryan: "I had not met Coach Barnes until I got to the campus. He drove to Denver to pick up my parents and I from the airport, and we actually had about a 5- or 6-hour delay. They picked me up at about 2 o'clock and honestly, that really stood out to me. He drove us around a lot and showed us around. On my last day, he really went above and beyond to take us to see the mountains and see the city and the surrounding area. He even took us to his house. It spoke volumes to me, because it was personal. He said next time your parents come, he'll invite us all over. He was saying the players go over there to have team dinners and to really connect and bond. I thought that was awesome; I didn't expect such a personal touch, especially within two days of meeting the guy. Everybody was welcoming and friendly."

ITR: Did you get a chance to meet Coach Eustachy at all? If so, what were your impressions of him?

Ryan: "I met Coach Eustachy on my first day. He's a really awesome guy. He was very knowledgeable and I feel like he has a good history of basketball success. He was Coach of the Year last year. He was really friendly to my mom. My mom had actually spoken to his wife and they said they would catch up regularly, because, you know, my mom's worried about me leaving, just like any other mother, and it was really good for them making us feel welcomed. After I committed, she gave me a big hug and said welcome to the family. Everybody there, especially Coach Eustachy, did an awesome job making me and my family feel welcomed."

ITR: In your conversations with the staff, what were some things they shared as far as what they like about your skill set and how they plan on using you?

Ryan: "They said that you're very versatile. They said that with your time here - I'll be there for summer school in June, so they talked about how that's going to be big for the first month and a half. That's when things get rolling, where I can work on my body and get bigger. College basketball is a lot different from prep school. I'll be playing guys in their early twenties and I'm 18 years old. They said they'd transform my game and get me ready for the big stage. it's high-major basketball, so they were talking about how they are going to get me ready for it."

ITR: So what do you feel like you personally will bring to the floor, as far as unique attributes and strengths?

Ryan: "I try to be as versatile as I can, try and get my teammates involved. I don't want to do too much on the court, but I want to make an impact. As long as I'm impacting the game and playing hard and trying to make plays, and get wins, that's all that matters."

ITR: You can do a lot of the floor - do you feel like you can be an inside-out big?

Ryan: "Yeah, definitely. I feel like for a long time, I've been able to step out. At my high school, I was the primary scorer and I tried to mix it up any way I can. That goes into not trying to make too many plays and do too much. If I'm open, I shoot. If I'm not, it's all about getting the best shot. I don't want to do too much; I don't want to step outside of my role, either. I just want to be a team player."

ITR: Can you list the other offers you had?

Ryan: "I had offers from St. Bonaventure and Colorado State."

ITR: Was CSU the only official visit you took?

Ryan: "Yes."

ITR: In going the prep route, you do have four years to play at CSU?

Ryan: "Yeah."

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