Woodland, Georgia LB Emmanuel Jones is ready to begin his career at Colorado State

Get a behind the scenes look at CSU signee Emmanuel Jones, a late addition to the Rams' 2017 signing class.

One of Colorado State's more unheralded signees from Mike Bobo's 2017 signing class is Cartersville (Ga.) Woodland versatile linebacker Emmanuel Jones. The 6-foot-4, 240-pounder could play anywhere from inside linebacker, to Buck outside linebacker, or defensive end in Marty English's 3-4. While fans may be a bit more unfamiliar with Jones compared to some of CSU's other signees, Jones has a very high ceiling with his size, ability, versatility and intangibles. Get a closer look at Jones in another Get to Know the 2017 Class from Inside The Rams.



Inside The Rams: Emmanuel, we've detailed your recruitment previously and your commitment on signing day (Jones commits to CSU on NSD), but recap your recruitment from CSU from start to finish and how that process played out.

Emmanuel Jones: "The process was a little slow at the beginning of the year. I was contacted by Coach Bobo, maybe around the beginning of the season, saying they were looking at me and had interest in my skill set and everything. After that, it all took off. It was downhill and everything kind of fell into place. I had a couple visits, got to meet with the coaches when they came down. Coach (Joe) Cox, who was my recruiting coach, came down. Then, eventually, Coach Bobo came down with Coach Cox and Coach English, the linebackers coach. They all ended up coming down and visiting. So it was a pretty good experience."

ITR: Obviously, you committed late in the process on signing day. What ultimately sold you and picking Colorado State over your other offers?

Jones: "Colorado State just had the home feeling to it. It was like I was back in Georgia again, I guess, because so many of the coaches and recruiters, just so many people were from Georgia. They know how to make it a cool and loving environment to be in. They know what it's like to be away from home already. They said I could do it since they've already been through it. It's an easy transformation."

ITR: Did you take any other official visits besides CSU?

Jones: "I took a couple. I went to Kennesaw State University, Mercer University - I'm pretty sure that was it for officials I did."

ITR: Can you list the other offers you picked up throughout your recruiting process?

Jones: "I know a couple; I don't remember all of them. I know Troy was one of them, University of Toledo, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Kennesaw State, Mercer, Appalachian State... that's all I can think of right now."

ITR: You mentioned you really liked Colorado. Did you have any reservations going into your visit there, or even the thought of going all the way out there for school prior to taking your visit?

Jones: "Location wasn't a factor. It was just how I felt when I'm there. That's all that mattered."

ITR: So the colder winter weather didn't factor in at all for you?

Jones: "Not really. It wasn't even that bad, to be honest. I expected it to be cold. It's nothing like Georgia, where the weather's hot all the time. It's different, but I'm pretty sure I could get used to it."

ITR: On your visit, were there any players you felt like you meshed with or felt you could see yourself being mentored by?

Jones: "There were a couple of them. I just can't think of their names right now. If I saw their face, I'd remember them instantly, but I don't really remember them by name."

ITR: Break down your relationship with Coach Cox, what you liked about him and what all he told you throughout the recruiting process.

Jones: "Coach Cox is a pretty nice guy. He told me about his recruiting experience, how it was sort of different, I guess, a life-changing event. He also walked through it with me every step of the way. He gave me advice about how I should go about it, what sort of things to look out for, what to look for when I'm on official visits. Basically, the pros and cons of the recruiting process."

ITR: What were the specifics that Coach Cox and the rest of the CSU staff shared with you as far as what they liked about your film and what you bring to the football field?

Jones: "They like how I'm a bigger guy running around, like I'm two times the normal size, I guess. They like my hard work on the field, even though I played on a team that wasn't really the winningest team. I still played every game like I planned on winning. I guess my will to win was higher than I guess others' were. They could see through tape that I actually wanted to win games and be out there."

ITR: Did they share with you where they want to play you on defense?

Jones: "They say I can play any of the linebacker positions and rush end."

ITR: So there's not a specific spot they want you at then?

Jones: "Not really."

ITR: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

Jones: "Committing. There's a lot of relief to the stress that was knocked off my shoulders."

ITR: What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

Jones: "The pressure that was applied towards the end, from when I actually committed and people telling me different things about different colleges, either good or bad. People were just telling what I should do, when I was the one in control the whole time."

ITR: Was there a crazy story or anything unique that happened during the recruiting process?

Jones: "Not that I can think of."


ITR: What are your measureables right now, like your height and weight?

Jones: "6-4, 240. I may be 6-3.5, somewhere around there."

ITR: Do you know your most recent bench max, squat max and 40 time?

Jones: "My bench max is like 350. My squat max is 450, somewhere around there. My forty time is a 4.5 or 4.6, something around there. I think it's a 4.6."

ITR: What's your favorite high school football memory?

Jones: "I don't have a specific one. I just liked playing with my brother (class of 2019 CB Titus Jones) last year, because I know if I missed a tackle, he was next in line to make it, for where I messed up."

ITR: Who is your favorite athlete or NFL player and why?

Jones: "I'd either have to go with Justin Houston or Khalil Mack. They just have that drive. They want to make the big play, get the pick-six or get that big hit to get the whole crowd riled up. I like Justin Houston, but Khalil Mack is just a disrupter. He gets in there."

ITR: What are some of your hobbies outside of football?

Jones: "I just hang out with my bros most of the time, really. Hot rods, riding dirt bikes, or play baseball during the offseason of football, hang out with friends. That's pretty much it. I guess I do a lot of the typical high school stuff."

ITR: Do you play any other varsity sports outside football?

Jones: "Track. I do shotput. My PR was a 47', I think. I'm going to state, so I should be able to up it some more. It's still a little new for me."

ITR: Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

Jones: "Not really. Actually, I do. I always wear loafers, just 'cause they go with anything. I just wear them all the time. I just got a new pair and I'm about to get another one. Just loafers and boots."

ITR: What's something about you, Emmanuel, that most people may not know?

Jones: "I don't know. Everybody pretty much knows everything about me. I'm easygoing."

ITR: What does your offseason training program look like right now?

Jones: "It's going pretty well. It's different, but I expected that, too. I do a certain type of sprint - hundred yards. 15 sets of one hundred yards. The sprints have to be done in under 17 seconds. During my weight lifting class, we go outside on Tuesdays and Thursdays and do a whole bunch of agility, sprints and long-distance stuff. We run a mile before we start off, then we do a whole bunch of short distance stuff - cone drills, L drills. When I get done with that, after school we go to a speed and agility trainer."

ITR: What is your dream job and why?

Jones: "I'm going to school for nursing. It's not very common to see a male nurse and I like helping people, pretty much."

ITR: You're a pretty versatile guy on defense, but what do you think you are bringing to the CSU defense?

Jones: "I guess more speed off the edge. Just more versatility, I guess. They can move me around different places and still see the same production."

ITR: From what you know about CSU's returning personnel, do you think you can see significant playing time as a true freshman?

Jones: "I do. I would hope that everybody else would feel the same way, too."

ITR: What are you most excited about in starting this next chapter of your life at CSU?

Jones: "I'm just ready to get the ball rolling. I want to see how it goes, to be honest."

ITR: Do you know who you will room with as a freshman?

Jones: "Not really. I guess it'll be a surprise when I get there."

ITR: Do you know what jersey number you want to wear at CSU?

Jones: "Not sure yet."

ITR: If you had your choice, what would you wear?

Jones: "I really don't know. I'm not really picky. Overall, it's not really a thing I'm most concerned about."

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