Hybrid defender Livingston Paogofie will bring physicality to Colorado State's defense

Paogofie was one of several district players of the year to sign with the Rams in February.

For a second consecutive year, CSU signed a standout from Arlington (Tex.) Bowie. Versatile defender Livingston Paogofie, a 6-foot-2, 260-pounder who could play linebacker or defensive end for the Rams, goes in-depth in another Get To Know the Class of 2017 edition from Inside The Rams.



Inside The Rams: Livingston, detail your recruitment from beginning to end from CSU and how that process played out. (Note: previous ITR articles on Paogofie: Post-CSU visit / Paogofie commits to CSU.)

Paogofie: "When Coach (Ricky) Logo came down to recruit me, I was just patiently waiting for an offer and the opportunity to come down and visit Colorado. It took a while for me to make my decision, and stuff like that, but it got to the point that I'd seen his commitment to me and the love that Colorado State showed for me, too. My family enjoyed it (the visit) - my mom, mostly - and I liked it. I made my decision for these next 4-5 years to attend Colorado State."

ITR: What ultimately sold you on committing to CSU?

Paogofie: "Utah State was in the picture and I wanted to visit their school as well, but things didn't go well between where they wanted me to come down and visit, which would have been a little bit too late, so I put them out of the picture. Having Texas State offer me a little late, I didn't want to accept the offer. Ever since I committed to Colorado State, I stayed committed to them and didn't really have any other interest in other schools that had interest in me."

ITR: You've mentioned before that your relationship with Coach Logo was a big selling point in your decision to pick CSU. What was your relationship with him like and what did you like so much about him?

Paogofie: "He's a very good man. The things he told me was he coached some very good d-linemen, so that really helps. Then my family knows his family, so it's a really good connection outside of football. Most of all, he showed more than just the time to be there as a recruiter. He's much more of an uncle to me with all the love and things he showed me and my family as he was recruiting me. That bond that we had during the recruiting process was really good. My bond with him has been real good."

ITR: Ca you list all the offers you picked up during the recruiting process?

Paogofie: "Colorado State, Texas State, Utah State, Lamar University, and that was probably it."

ITR: Did you take any other official visits besides CSU?

Paogofie: "Nope. Colorado State was my only visit during my recruiting process."

ITR: In your conversations with Coach Logo and the rest of the CSU staff, what did they share with you that they liked about your game and what your bring to the football field?

Paogofie: "They liked my film, from what they told me. Coach Logo told me that what stands out about me is that fight that I have in me during the playoffs. I had broke my hand, but I was still able to keep playing. Not only can I play one position, but I can play multiple. They told me that when I get there, the spot I'll probably be playing is d-end and outside linebacker, which they call it the Buck. But I don't really care where they put me. Wherever they put me, I'm going to go one hundred percent. That's all that really matters."

ITR: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

Paogofie: "Just enjoying time getting to know the coaches and how Colorado State does their football stuff. I love the campus, it's a beautiful place. My mom loved it, I loved it. My mom loved it, so that was a relief off my shoulders. I'm just ready for my next career."

ITR: What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

Paogofie: "I don't really think I have a least (favorite) part of the recruiting process with Colorado State. But when I was there, the hard part was getting to meet other people, with me not being a very talkative person. It was hard to try and go meet others. But there was no weakness is going to Colorado State."

ITR: What about the recruiting process in general? Anything about it you didn't like?

Paogofie: "I didn't like the way Utah State did their things with me, because they offered me when I was a sophomore, and I was waiting for an official visit. They scheduled me two weeks before my signing day and they had offered a JUCO guy after and they put him before me to visit, and I didn't like that. So they pushed me back a week and I didn't want to wait any longer, so I committed to Colorado State. Texas State said they wanted to blueshirt me, or something like that. I don't really know what that is, saying that if I came down for summer school, I would have to pay for my summer school and places to eat. They said once fall camp would start, they would pay for everything. I didn't like that. Colorado State was the only place that would pay for all my stuff and showed me a lot of love and treated me right."

ITR: Were there any crazy stories or anything unique that happened during your recruitment?

Paogofie: "No, not really."


ITR: Right now, what is your height and weight?

Paogofie: "I'm 6-1.5 and my weight is 260."

ITR: Do you know your most recent bench max, squat max and forty time?

Paogofie: "Last time I did my max, my bench was 325, squat was 455 and my forty time was 4.7."

ITR: What was your favorite high school football memory?

Paogofie: "I had a lot of them. My favorite football memory in high school was when we were down 24-0 at half and we ended up winning 26-24, shutting out their team in the second half. That was the best memory, because me and the team faced a lot of adversity that game and that's what we worked for."

ITR: Who's your favorite NFL player or athlete, and why?

Paogofie: "I would say Antonio Brown, although he's an offensive person. He's my favorite NFL player because despite his size, he's willing to go out there and compete and give it 110 percent every time he's out there. For me to just see how guys with size like that in the NFL and play at the level they do, you don't see that a lot."

ITR: What are some of your hobbies outside of football?

Paogofie: "Playing basketball or video games. Other than football, I played basketball just for fun with my cousin."

ITR: Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

Paogofie: "No, I don't. I mostly wear slides."

ITR: Livingston, what's something about you that most people may not know?

Paogofie: "I really don't know."

ITR: What does your offseason training program look like?

Paogofie: "Mostly running, just trying to get in shape. Doing sprints."

ITR: What's your dream job and why?

Paogofie: "Probably be a trainer, like a football trainer. I want to stick to a profession that's related to football. I want my life to relate to football as I get older, because I want to help those succeed who want to play the game of football and help them out to the fullest, help them to achieve their dreams."

ITR: What do you feel like you'll specifically bring to the CSU defense?

Paogofie: "Bring a physicality, playing fast and physical."

ITR: From what you know about CSU's personnel, do you believe you can come in right away and see significant playing time?

Paogofie: "I feel like it would mean a lot to me. It would be a good start, you know, coming to college and being a true freshman and helping out the team, and win a conference championship."

ITR: What are you most excited about in starting this next chapter of your life and being a CSU Ram?

Paogofie: "Just playing at another football level, going to college and getting a degree, so I can help out my family every way I can."

ITR: Do you know who you're going to room with as a freshman?

Paogofie: "No, I do not know."

ITR: What jersey number do you want to wear at CSU and why?

Paogofie: "I'd probably go with 90 or 92. During high school, I just wore that number (92) and fell in love with it."

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