It's Van Pelt's Fault...Ya, That's the Ticket

It's the Quarterback's fault. All of it. Everything. He's the reason CSU lost to New Mexico.

Colorado, Little Miami, Utah and Wyoming.

Him and his big mouth.

Ya, that's the ticket.

After all, it was Bradlee Van Pelt that fumbled in the final seconds against UMN. The Lobos recovered the fumble and kicked the winning field goal because the were motivated by Van Pelt's trash talking.

It was also Van Pelt that failed to gain 28 of his team's 328 yards of total offense against the Lobos. Slacker.

His constant screw-ups, as well as his big mouth, are responsible for UNM scoring 37 points and Wyo 35 the last two weeks. He refuses to do a thing to help his defense. Amazing.

It was Van Pelt that dropped a half dozen passes, fumbled a punt, and couldn't tackle to save his soul. His trash talking motivated New Mexico's DonTrell Moore to rush for 242 yards and three touchdowns. Without the inspiration provided by Van Pelt, Moore most certainly would have taken the night off and simply stumbled and fell in the face of the fearsome CSU defense.

Ya, that's the ticket.

Indeed, Van Pelt must shoulder the blame for all the losses - because he's the one who had the gaul to say outloud ahead of time that CSU should beat Wyoming. That they should not be afraid of a CU team that had beaten three out of four times. That they should live up to all the pre-season hype.


If it was Justin Holland under center for CSU, the Rams most certainly would have beaten CU. In fact, they'd be unbeaten. Colorado had no motivation whatsoever to win that game until Van Pelt popped off. That fourth quarter comeback against the Buffs that ended with a long Van Pelt TD run? Meaningless. Where was he when Joel Klatt was leading CU to the winning score? On the sidelines, of course. Probably yelling insults at the CU offense that made them try that much harder. Ditto with Wyoming. They cared nothing about beating CSU until Van Pelt slighted them. Then he went out there and rushed for only 140 yards, while throwing for a mere 205, the bum. His bad.

Holland doesn't make the kind of plays, err, mistakes that Van Pelt makes. The Rams powerful ground attack, led by Marcus Houston and Rashaan Sanders would more that make up for Van Pelt's absense, just like they have all season. (You know, Houston's fumble against Utah - the one that was returned by the Utes for the winning TD - that was really Van Pelt's fault, too. He was talking trash to Marcus in the huddle...or was it to the Utes in a earlier pile-up? Anyway, his trash talking motivated Houston to fumble and Utah to grab it and score the winning points. Loser.)

Obviously, when Van Pelt graduates and Holland takes over, the Rams will be much better off. No more trash talking to motivate the other teams, who obviously have no motivation to win unless it's supplied by Van Pelt. They won't miss his scrambling, his durability his leadership, or any of the huge plays he's supplied over the last three seasons. Someone else can easily be their leading rusher and passer in the same game. Okay, well maybe that will take two guys to do that, but that's okay. It's a team game, right?

Except that all these losses are one guy's fault.

Ya, that's the ticket.

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