Monday Moring QB: Southern Cal

<p>Let's just make it clear off the top: We knew CSU was in way over it's head going to Southern Cal, and what happened should not have been a surprise to anyone. That was a no hoper, a no win situation from the moment it was scheduled. What matters now is what happens from here.

The MWC season has not begun, neither has the home schedule. There is still a lot for the Rams to play for, starting Saturday night. The coaches blew game one in Boulder, the players made a zillion mistakes in game two. Hopefully, all the sideline turmoil and turnover stuff is over with now.

So with that in mind, we put it to the Ram players: Time to get up, dust yourselves off, and get back in there. You won't play another team this season that you can not defeat. Pull off the upset of Minnesota, then handle a Montana State team you should whip, and the Rams are 2-2 and suddenly okay heading into league play.

It can happen, if...

...Justin Holland gets his groove back. The young QB needs to stop forcing things that aren't there, and accept a punt as being better than another turnover...Someone (Gartrell Shavers?) needs to emerge as a running threat. It does not appear that Marcus Houston has gotten any better, and Tristin Walker can't stay on the field. Uldis Jaunarajs is serviceable, but nothing more. This year, there is no Bradlee Van Pelt to fall back on, either. The freshman might be the answer.

Some ball control by the offense would be a big help to a beleaguered defense. After the Colorado game, you thought that maybe this young unit might actually be an upgrade over last season. Then came the USC debacle. Let's forget that, and recall what we thought after week one. They can be, and have been, improved.

Most importantly, the team has to have a short memory, and get on about the business at hand. Winning the MWC is still a possibility, and it can be done if this team eliminates all the mistakes and plays sounder football. Most of all, they can not quit on each other.

Sonny Lubick teams don't often throw in the towel, and if this team has any heart at all, expect a great effort on Saturday night. I might be wrong, but I have a feeling that CSU is going to get up off the mat and beat Minnesota. Call it a hunch. Glenn Mason is an average coach at best, and 'the circumstances' we always talk about, all the things that were working against the Rams in week's one and two are now on their side. A wounded animal is usually pretty tough.

Imagine what the national perception of the CSU program will be if they beat the Golden Gophers? You can hear ESPN's Chris Fowler saying it right now: "Beaten and bloodied by Southern Cal, Colorado State showed the courage of a lion by pulling themselves together and pulling the major upset." That would be very appropriate, because that, in a nutshell, is what Sonny Lubick's program has been built on.

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