Rams Return To Practice Field

Sonny Lubick, Colorado State University's 10th-year football coach welcomed sunny skies and warmer weather Tuesday as the Rams returned to the practice for the first time since beginning spring drills last Saturday. A Sunday workout was postponed by the weekend's cold weather. Lubick said the team would practice again Wednesday and Thursday, then return to drills early next week.

The Rams Tuesday practiced for more than two hours, longer that Lubick normally likes.

"We'll probably cut it down a bit as we go along. But right now, we're looking at three units on offense and defense. That takes more time.

We'll cut it down to two hours as we go along," said Lubick.

"It was our second day with no pads, and it was another teaching experience. I believe we got some things accomplished. Practice will flow a bit smoother once we have pads on."

Tuesday, the Rams were back on the field in shorts, jerseys, and helmets, and are expected to put pads on for the first time this spring for Wednesday's workout.

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