Lubick Seeing Personality Emerge

One of the signs of a football squad during spring workouts is the emergence of a team personality, said Colorado State University coach Sonny Lubick Wednesday. Lubick likes what he sees of the Rams' personality that is emerging.

Colorado State returned to the practice field Wednesday following a five-day layoff. Lubick gave the team four days off, and cold weather Tuesday pushed the team back a day as the Rams practiced for the fifth time this spring. Lubick said workouts would continue Thursday and Friday afternoon at 3:30 p.m., then at 12 noon Saturday, including a situational scrimmage near the end of the workout.

"You can kind of see the personality emerging. I like our toughness. We've been fairly physical. I'd like to think that offensively, we'd be like night and day from last year because we have an experienced quarterback. We have solid running backs. We're missing three talented receivers, but we have some young guys who could be good. I think we could have some explosiveness. The offensive line could be solid and we could have some depth."

Lubick said the key to the spring is finding not only starters on both sides of the ball, but top backups as well.

"I'm looking for 17 guys on offense and 17 guys on defense. That's when you have a team, so that when a guy gets injured or something, you don't drop off," he said.

One area that has caught his eye has been the play of David Vickers, who's being converted to safety. He was a two-year starter at linebacker who suffered an early-season knee injury a year ago. When he returned, he played as a reserve, but has since moved to linebacker.

"David looks very good at safety. He plays like he's been there a year and a half," said Lubick of Vicker's move. "He looks comfortable." Another player making a switch this spring is Andre Sommersell, a junior and a former defensive end now playing outside linebacker.

"He's playing well. The thing about those guys - David Vickers and Andre Sommersell - is that they want to play. They are so focused mentally. They know this is their chance to play, and they are not going to miss it."

Wednesday, the Rams worked more than two hours in full pads and had what Lubick termed the most hitting during a workout to date.

"We had a lot of hitting, more than we've had in a practice so far. It was a very physical practice. We had been off five days, and I was concerned if we would practice hard. I thought the team practiced hard. It was a very good practice," said Lubick.

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