Monday Morning Quarterback: Nevada

Sonny Lubick told his team all week that they could not take Nevada lightly. His players all said the same thing during the week, then when the time came to tackle the Wolf Pack – they didn't. Not for the first half, anyway.

Uncharacteristically poor on defense and special teams in the first half, the CSU Rams did finally get it in gear. This time, instead of coasting in the second half and hanging on late, the Rams were the better team in the fourth quarter, and it resulted in a nice 32-28 win over a pretty good Nevada team.

The Rams stepping up in the fourth quarter was not the only surprising turnaround this day. In a bit of role reversal, Lubick sent back-up QB Justin Holland out to start the second half with the Rams trailing 14-7. Whatever the message Lubick was trying to send, it got across – especially to starting QB Bradlee Van Pelt.

In the fourth quarter, it was a rejuvenated Van Pelt under center, and it was his 8-yard touchdown run, and 34-yard touchdown pass to Joel Dressen that provided the margin of victory.

Was this a piece of Mike Shanahan-like psychology, designed to get the sluggish Van Pelt to step up his game? Or did Lubick feel like it was Holland who gave the Rams the best shot at overtaking the Wolf Pack?

Only Sonny knows for sure, but it brings up an interesting question, one that's certain to loom over this team for the rest of this season and the next.

With Van Pelt entrenched as the starter, but Holland now healthy and showing why he was the true big time QB to come out of a Colorado high school in the new millenium, Lubick has both a luxury and a quandary on his hands. He's got two QB's that need to play.

Coaches will tell you it's a great problem to have, two quality QB's. But while it's not yet a true "QB Controversy," the Holland - Van Pelt scenario has all the trappings of one.

With these Rams, nothing is impossible, of course. We should see more of the same as this season unfolds. That means Van Pelt starts, the Rams run the ball a lot. Holland comes in and throws it around some, and Van Pelt returns to attack a now very confused opposition defense.

But don't be stunned if somewhere down the road, Holland ends up getting to start, and Van Pelt becomes the relief pitcher. In the long run, those roles may fit their respective personalities and styles a little better. For now, however, Lubick will not mess with a winning formula. And winning is what these Rams are doing best. No controversy about that.

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