Rams and Cowboys: A History of Craziness

When I was going to CSU, and playing on the baseball team (Quiet! It wasn't THAT long ago...), we suffered through some pretty long days while we shared the practice field with the football team.

At the time, baseball was allowed a certain amount of practice time during the fall, wo we were out there many afternoons while the Ram football team was working out right next to us. They weren't all that good then (okay, neither were we), but something crazy always happened when it was time to play Wyo.

The week of the Wyoming football game was particularly rough on us at baseball practice, too. As motivation, the football coaches would bring out carefully placed loud speakers and blare, over and over, Wyo's fight song, Rag Time Cowboy Joe. We were trying to practice baseball, all the while hearing that horrible song, over and over and over and over. The worst part, is I can't even remember if the football team won that week, or not.

Maybe that was the year that our guys decided to come out on the field through the student section of the stands, and all go to the center of the field for the opening coin toss. Of course, the Wyo guys had to come out too, and a fight broke out...before the game had even started. Charley Armey, then a CSU assistant coach, and now an executive with the St. Louis Rams, got tossed out of the game - before it started.

One year, CSU scored in the final seconds to win at Hughes, and the normally "professional" atmosphere in the press box was pierced by hollering (and not all from the CSU SID people...).

Of course, when basketball season rolled around, it was time to take out the bananas - and throw them at the "Gorilla's" from Laramie. Thankfully, I worked for SID, and couldn't be tempted to test my pitching arm with fresh fruit. One game, Wyo's Charles Bradley (who went on to play in the NBA and is now a college coach) went to the free throw line to shoot a technical free throw, and got hit in the side of the head by a banana peel. After he missed the shot, he turned to the ref - who (in a stroke of good sense) claimed he did not see the flying fruit.

All this stuff happened in just the four years I was at CSU...

Such are the circumstances that develop when the Rams and Pokes get together. What amazing things will happen at Sold-out Hughes Stadium this weekend???

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