Rams consistently inconsistent

Granted, the Rams have been on the cusp of a top 25 national ranking most of the season.<BR> And if head coach Sonny Lubick could have predicted his team would be 5-2 with non-conference play behind it and one league game under its belt, he would have been thrilled.<P> But he's not.

The fact CSU has won five games already this season, a feat it didn't accomplish until game No. 10 last year, is impressive. But looking back, if the Rams made a play here or a play there, they could easily be 6-1, or even 7-0, and firmly among the nation's top 25.

On the other hand, if a few of the breaks that did go CSU's way wouldn't have, we could be dealing with a sub .500 team.

Point is, the Rams aren't where they feel they should be.

"I'd like to see a bit more consistency," Lubick said. "We have to be strong, and do it over and over again. That's what separates teams that are 9-2 at the end of the season from those that are 5-5."

Should CSU be one of those teams with only a couple of losses at the end of the year, it will need to find its defense, which is a large part of the inconsistency. Will the defense that stifled Colorado and allowed only two touchdowns show up, or will it be the unit that gave up 36 points to Wyoming? The defense that spotted just three second-half points to Fresno State, or the defense that surrendered 23 fourth-quarter points to UCLA?

Now would be as opportune time as any to find the missing consistency. The Rams are in the second of three portions of their schedule.

The first part consisted of four non-conference games, arguably the toughest opening schedule in school history, then a bye date. The second part is made up of the final two out-of-league games and four conference games - two against bitter rivals (Wyoming and Air Force) and two against perennial conference powers (BYU and Utah) - before another bye date. The last part of the schedule is the remaining three Mountain West games.

Next up is Utah, which is battling its own issues of inconsistency. After putting up impressive performances in their tough losses to Arizona and Michigan, the Utes have proceeded to collapse in the fourth quarter against Air Force and play an overall poor game in losing to San Diego State.

"Utah is a good team. Like us, they are one of six or seven teams in the league that you can beat any day or that can beat you any day. That's how we have to approach it the rest of the year," Lubick said. "I do not think there is a team on our schedule that we cannot beat, or that cannot beat us."

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