Monday Morning Quarterback: New Mexico

Okay, so it wasn't a great performance against the Lobos that earned CSU another Mountain West title, but it will do. It was sort of satisfying to see the Rams win the old-fashioned way, with opportunistic defense and solid special teams.

Now it's onward and upward, a chance at an unbeaten MWC season riding on next week's game with UNLV, and a BCS ranking; before heading all the way to Memphis for the "Klondike, Freeze-Your-Behind-off-Liberty Bowl."

Who could be waiting for CSU in the land of Elvis?

Remember two seasons ago, and how fouled up the MWC race was? Recall the four-team tie for the title, with CSU finally getting the Liberty invite? Well, Conference USA, who will send it's champ to Memphis to provide the opposition in late December, is just a screwed up right now. Any one of four teams still has a shot at the title.

TCU was in control of the conference race until they turned the ball over seven times and lost to East Carolina on Saturday. That left the Horned Frogs tied with the Pirates, Louisville and Cincinnati with two conference losses each. Tie-breakers appear to hold the key to the tour of Graceland.

CSU vs. Louisville II? It doesn't appear that a Rams - Cardinal rematch is in the making, because Louisville's two league losses are to TCU and Cincy, meaning they aren't likely to win a tie-breaker. They did beat East Carolina, so they could win a two-way tie-breaker with the Pirates if things fell right.

TCU beat Louisville, but lost to Cincinnati and East Carolina. That means the teams in the best position are the Bearcats and Pirates. East Carolina still has two games to play, one against formidable Southern Mississippi. Cincinnati appears to be in the best position to win the tie-breakers, having beaten both the Cardinals and Horned Frogs (as well as playing second-ranked Ohio State off their feet earlier in the season!)

All this means that the key will be the yet-to-be-played East Carolina-Cincinnati match up on December 6th. That game could be a winner-take-longjohns for Memphis battle.

Confused? How do you think Sonny Lubick feels? Imagine all the game tapes he's sitting on right now, just waiting. Nice spot to be in, though, huh?

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