Bears maul Buffs

BERKELEY, Calif. – Colorado's introduction as a future member of the Pac-10 was not as welcoming as the Buffs would have hoped.

Colorado was manhandled in the trenches from the opening kick and suffered a 52-7 defeated, the Buffs worst loss since a 58-0 shellacking at the hand of Missouri.

"This is the most embarrassing game of my life," receiver Scotty McKnight said. "I didn't even know how to handle it. I'm so embarrassed right now."

And much of the loss was Colorado's fault. It came into the game unprepared, which resulted in five turnovers, including four from quarterback Tyler Hansen, and nine penalties.

Colorado had negative total yards through nearly the first 25 minutes of the game en route to their 13th consecutive road loss.

"We knew they were going to bring it. We knew it," offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau said. "There wasn't a lot of film because last week they got up big and didn't have to show much. We were ready for the pressure, we just had to figure out where it was coming from early and try to protect as best as we could."

The first half was all Cal needed to really solidify the win. Hansen threw two interceptions and fumbled the ball to lead to 17 of the Bears points. The speedier and more physical Cal offensive line manhandled Buffs, which led to six sacks.

"We need to do better on offense," McKnight said. "We were killing our defense today. You might take a look at the scoreboard and see that we gave up this many points, but offensively we killed [our defense]. Whether it was turning the ball over or not creating any field position for ourselves, whatever it is, we were killing [our defense]. So we need to come together as an entire team and hit it on all cylinders or it's gonna look like that again."

Colorado's only highlight came in the third quarter when Hansen scrambled 4 yards into the end zone. However, Hansen was hit awkwardly in the knee and hobbled off the field. He played the rest of the game, but said his knee hurt after the game and that he'd need further examination.

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