Hawkins conference call

Colorado coach Dan Hawkins took a few questions from media members who cover the Big 12 Conference during Monday's coaches teleconference.

Were you ready to put a helmet on the other night or wish you did?

Dan Hawkins:"(Laughing)No. It was fun"

How much diversity does it give your offense and your running attack to have two backs that can produce 100-yard games?

"We've always said I think you need about three guys at least three guys to kind of get yourself through the season. You don't want to wear on one guy. We have a young freshman who is kind of in the mix as well. But certainly having a few guys and being able to keep them fresh and have the talent to carry the ball is a good thing."

In light of what happened to (Michigan State coach) Mark Dantonio how difficult is it as coaches to maintain your health and possibly overlook that when so much else is going on?

"We make sure in our schedule that guys can get some sleep and I want guys to get down there in the weight room and workout and get a little sweat going cause all that stuff is important. It's hard. there is no question it's hard. It's a hard balance because you don't do a lot of other things, but we definitely try to encourage our guys to go for a jog and lift some weights and make sure you get some sleep. It is a grind though, no question."

How would you describe the locker room at halftime?

"It was pretty intense. It was, but again, everybody, I think, kind of over-romanticizes those things. It was intense, but at the same time we were trying to get some corrections and some things laid down for the second half. You can't just come in there and yell and scream. There has to be some constructive answers in there as well. But it was pretty intense."

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