Deehan emerging at tight end

Tight ends aren't getting the ball like they used to in Boulder with a revamped offense heavy on speed and talent at wide receiver, but that hasn't stopped junior Ryan Deehan from getting off to his best start as a Buff. Get inside for more.

Through the first three games of the 2010 season, tight end Ryan Deehan has made seven catches for 83 yards. Five of those passes have covered 10 or more yards.

He had caught 15 passes for 152 yards in his previous 24 games over his freshman and sophomore seasons. Deehan should easily surpass those numbers through the first half of the season provided he stays healthy and maintains his current pace.

The 6-foot-5, 245-pound junior from Poway, Calif., recently discussed how things are going so far in 2010.

"I feel like it's been going pretty good. I've just tried to focus a lot on technique and what is going to help our offense go."

You and quarterback Tyler Hansen are good friends. How is your chemistry on the field?

"We have good chemistry because we are friends and we live together. So a lot of times we'll understand things and not always have to say things. The good thing is when I need it, he'll get after me. And when he needs it, I'll say something to him."

In living together, how much time do you spend talking football and this week's opponent and stuff when you're at home?

"Not a whole lot. We do in film study and stuff, but we try to keep it so we can still have a regular time at home."

There are a lot of other playmakers on the offense this year that haven't been here or been available in the past. Do you feel like you can kind of sneak up on defenses because their attention might be elsewhere?

How are you being used in terms of the running game?

"Just get there and get movement and make holes for the running backs basically. I think I'm doing pretty good. There is always stuff I've got to work on and keep refining things. I think overall, I've done a pretty good job."

What do you think went into the offense having such a good performance on the ground against Hawaii?

"We got down to business and did what we needed to do. For awhile we had been making mistakes and just screwing up things we know how to do. We just got back to the basics and did what we know how to do right."

How do you carry that forward against Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma. Some tougher teams coming up?

"We've just got to work our butts off here (points to the practice fields). The more work that is better work out here, the better we're going to play on Saturdays. So that is what we're trying to do."

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