Turnover trouble

One of the goals of the Colorado defense this season is creating at least three turnovers in every practice and every game. Get inside for a look at how the Buffs are doing.

The Buffs are well off the pace they hoped to set when it comes to creating turnovers heading into the fourth game of the season on Saturday against Georgia.

Colorado's defense is still looking for its first fumble recovery of the year. The Buffs did recover a muffed punt on special team. The defense has produced four interceptions so far. It's well short of the three turnovers per game they set as a goal.

It's not like they haven't worked hard on generating more turnovers in practice. It has been a focus for the defense since the first day of spring ball back in March.

First-year secondary coach Ashley Ambrose challenged his players back then to do a better job of coming up with the key plays they allowed to slip through their hands last season.

Ambrose said in reviewing film of all of Colorado's 2009 games, there were more than 10 potential interceptions the Buffs failed to make.

"I mean last year we could have had way more interceptions," he said. "We`re going to focus on catching the ball, forcing fumbles and just causing turnovers. I expect our guys to be the leaders of the defense."

To this point it has been more of the same.

Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith has dropped two potential interceptions during the first three games this season. No one is more frustrated by it than him, but he is not alone in coming up empty handed.

"I should have came down with a pick in the last game and then one before that at Cal, but I think I'm playing OK," Smith said.

The Buffs emphasize creating turnovers like every other program in the country because the teams that are successful in that area of the game are generally winning teams at the end of the season. There are a few top-25 teams bucking the trend early in 2010 however. Wisconsin, Miami and Boise State all have created fewer turnovers from their opponents than the Buffs going into this weekend's games.

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