Hawkins conference call

Dan Hawkins took a few questions for reporters who cover the Big 12 Conference on Monday morning. Hawkins and his staff are preparing to host Baylor this week.

Is Tyler Hansen still the starter or is it up for grabs this week?

Dan Hawkins: "Oh yeah."

Was the atmosphere a little bit crazier than it usually is at Mizzou considering it was the last time you're going up there in the Big 12?

Hawkins: "I don't think so."

Considering it is the last year of the Big 12 as we know it, are you noticing at all any sentimentality among people in Boulder or perhaps people you have talked to in and around Lincoln, Neb., about you two programs are going to be going elsewhere and the fact that the conference you have been a part of is not going to be the way it's always been?

Hawkins: "Well, certainly there is some sentiment. Colorado, both in the Big 12 and Big Eight, has had some big games, big rivalries and great seasons and a lot of fond memories, certainly, for players and fans and everybody alike. That certainly is part of it to be sure. I think at the same time people are excited about moving to the Pac-10. So it's a little bit both ways."

The special teams problems were on different special teams units, but was there any common denominator that you saw that caused problems?

Hawkins: "Well, there are a lot of different scenarios there. So, you know, obviously just things we need to continue to work on, and get better at and improve on."

Coach, what are your impressions of Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin?

Hawkins: "He's fund to watch. He's extremely talented, and not just a runner, can throw it, too, and multi-dimensional. He's a great player in a great system."

How difficult is it to defend a guy like that?

Hawkins: "Very. Yeah, it's a huge challenge. Huge."

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