Q&A with Shannon Sharpe

Senior Cory Higgins and sophomore Alec Burks get the headlines and the attention for good reason on the Colorado basketball team, but the guy who might help get the program over the hump and into the postseason is ready to get his first season underway. Get inside for more.

Everyone wants to know how you're feeling and the state of your health?

Shannon Sharpe: "My health is great. I feel like I'm progressing. I feel like I haven't been this healthy in a long time. And I feel like I've got all my mobility back and I'm ready to go."

What has it been like going through this process?

SS: "The process has consisted of a lot of ups and downs, by downs I mean that I had to sit and watch last year. I think I learned a lot on the brighter side. I saw things from a different angle. Instead of being on the court, I saw it off the court and I learned a lot. Then rehab and all that was tough, but it got me back to where I need to be."

What was the most frustrating part?

SS: "Rehab had to be the most frustrating part, waking up early every morning and doing them exercises. It was just a difficult process for me, but it worked and got me better."

Were there moments when you were concerned that you might not be the same player?

SS: "There was moments because it seems like there were some days when I'd feel great and some days I wasn't able to go as fast as I could or do what I wanted to do. But it seems like now all those good days I can do what I want to do. There were scary moments when I kind of doubted, but now I feel like those are out the window."

Do you feel like you are 100 percent back?

SS: "I wouldn't say 100 percent, but I would say 90 percent back, which is I haven't been that way in a long time."

Do you expect to play right away?

SS: "Oh yeah. I expect to get playing time. We're going to determine that in practice, but I expect to be playing."

What are your expectations for this team?

SS: "I expect that we have a better season. I expect that we have a better season than people are projecting us to have wins-wise. We have a lot of expectations."

Do you feel like the low expectations from outside the program are a slap in the face because of the talent on this team?

SS: "I definitely see those expectations as being a slap in the face. I feel like in Cory, Alec and Marcus (Relphorde) we've got some of the best guards in the country. Those are definitely a slap in the face I think."

Last year you saw Alec come out of nowhere as a freshman to really make a name for himself and surprise people. Do you think you can do the same thing?

SS: "I feel like I can surprise people cause I feel like people haven't really thought that I am the player that I am. So I feel like I can create some expectations, but at the same time I feel like I've got to just help contribute to what we've got."

How do you think the team is adapting to what coach Boyle wants to do versus what you did on the former coaching staff?

SS: "I think we've adapted a lot. I think everybody has bought into this system and I think we like the offense he runs and the way we play defense because it's up-tempo and we've got athletes and scorers and we run-and-gun. I feel like that suits us well."

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