End in sight

Colorado has four regular season games remaining in the 2010 college football season and could still make a bowl game to extend the season, but it appears coach Dan Hawkins' time in Boulder is coming to and end. Get inside for more

The Buffs have three winnable games coming up over the next three weeks at Kansas, at home against Iowa State and Kansas State. Then they will finish the regular season on the road in Nebraska.

Nothing about their performance Saturday in Norman, Okla., against the Sooners would lead anyone to believe they are capable or reeling off three consecutive wins to qualify for the postseason, but it is a possibility.

But regardless of whether that happens, Dan Hawkins is extremely unlikely to remain the coach in Boulder beyond this season.

There have been too many ugly losses, too many uncompetitive outings, too many mistakes in the kicking game, too little development offensively and too many hard feelings over all of it to allow this to continue.

It is doubtful a move will be made during the season, but it's possible the school could announce sometime in the next few weeks that Hawkins will complete the year but won't return next season. Kansas State did as much with former coach Ron Prince two years ago at about this point in the year.

Hawkins appears to be resigned to his fate. When asked whether he was concerned about his future following Saturday's loss to the Sooners, he had this to say.

"I'm not. It's the nature of the business. So you show up every day and you do your job. All the chatter that goes on outside there whether it's good or bad, I don't think has got to be a part of your constitution. So you just show up and get after it every day."

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