Receivers must play better

Colorado junior Toney Clemons isn't shy about dishing out the cold, hard truth when he feels someone needs to hear it and this week he's telling his fellow receivers the entire group needs to play better down the stretch this season. Get inside for more.

Toney Clemons doesn't point fingers when sizing up his team's problems. He always criticizes himself before talking about others interviews. Tuesday he said he must play better especially in light of the increased number of opportunities he is getting in the offense these days.

"I feel I need to play better," he said. "That's one thing that I evaluate every day is myself first, and in order to get better, you've got to look at things that you do wrong.

"I have a lot of room to improve on. I do enjoy the opportunity and a chance to make more plays down the field and stretch the field a lot more and try to take advantage of as many touches as I can get.

"Me, I feel like me and my unit as a receiving corps, we all need to make more plays. I mean, that's how you score points. That's how move the ball. We've got to make more clutch catches, run-after-the-catch plays and I'm a big part of that."

Clemons is second on the team in receptions with 30 and in receiving yards with 344, trailing senior Scotty McKnight. But Clemons has only made his way to the end zone once this fall. He hasn't lived up to the hype he received in the preseason when he was named Big 12 Conference newcomer of the year.

"I feel like I have been given opportunities and I've capitalized on a few of them and I haven't capitalized on a few of them," he said. "Even though they would be tough plays to make, the great players got to make those plays. I hold myself to a standard to where I feel I have to make those plays."

Offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau seem to agree with Clemons' assessment of how the entire receiving corps played last week. Kiesau was asked why quarterback Cody Hawkins was so inefficient against Oklahoma. Hawkins completed only 17 of 44 passes.

"There are a variety of reasons and I don't want to throw anybody underneath the bus, but we put the ball up in the air a lot and we've got to come down and make some plays," Kiesau said. "I mean, not every ball is going to be there or every route when you drop back is going to be wide open. We call them 50-50 balls where you've got to go up and make a play, and we didn't make very many of those."

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