Pressing forward

Colorado coach Dan Hawkins took questions from reporters today on the Big 12 coaches' teleconference. Read what he had to say inside.

On whether he would do things differently against Kansas after reviewing the game.

Dan Hawkins: "There is always stuff you'd do differently. You'd make different calls and change different defenses. You'd always do that."

On whether there were specific mistakes the Colorado coaching staff made during the fourth quarter at Kansas.

Hawkins: "You could always change a lot of things. When we have that many points scored in that amount of time, I think there's always different opportunities in every phase of the game to tweak it."

On if he submitted film of two crucial calls that went against the Buffs in the fourth quarter to the Big 12 office for review?

Hawkins: "We did."

On why the Buffs kept throwing as much as they did instead of running more and trying to burn the clock in the fourth quarter

Hawkins: "We didn't want to just totally get into a ground attack. We had had success mixing it up. We had had success running it and throwing it. We just didn't want to be one dimensional."

On how much of a factor going into the wind was for the Buffs in the fourth quarter at Kansas.

Hawkins: "A little bit. We'd thrown it both quarters going that way. I wouldn't say it was a massive factor by any means because he was had thrown it that way both ways, but there was a little bit of a breeze."

On how he comes back from a loss like that.

Hawkins: "You've just got to pick yourself up. That's part of sports and that's part of life. You know, it's not fun and it's tough but that's part of the lessons of sport. You've got to get back on a horse and get riding."

On whether he is concerned that fans will never give him another chance after losing a game like that.

Hawkins: "I'm mostly concerned about our players, their feelings and their emotions. That's the thing that I'm always most concerned about."

On being worried about his job security and his coaching staff.

Hawkins: "Life makes no promises. It doesn't. Life's an adventure. There is always risks to be taken and that's the nature of this job and that's the nature of this profession. I don't think you walk around with that haunting you. I don't think that's your driving force by any means."

On it being a whatever happens, happens scenario.

Hawkins: "Well, yeah. I mean you have to do what you think is right and do it to the best of your ability and let it go. If you win a bunch of games, it doesn't mean your a genius, and if you don't, it doesn't mean you're awful either. It's always somewhere in the middle."

On whether his son's opportunity to become the career passing leader at CU is important to him.

Hawkins: "He's going to be the first guy to tell you, that doesn't mean as to him, it's about wins. Those things are always a bi-product. That's not what you're trying to get. You're trying to win."

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