Is QB a priority?

Colorado has parted ways with two quarterbacks commits in the 2011 class in the past two weeks and has just two scholarship quarterbacks on the returning roster. Do those facts make it a need position? Get inside for more.

The short answer to our question is no.

There is one simple reason why. At this point in the recruiting cycle, it's unlikely the program is going to land a top-notch quarterback. And coach Jon Embree said it best on the day he was hired when talking about recruiting.

"At the end of the day, it's not who you don't get," Embree said. "It's the one you get who can't play for you. That's what hurts you."

Sure, it's possible Colorado could find a diamond in the rough, a player every other program has overlooked, but it's unlikely and could prove to be a lost scholarship for four or even five years.

History says the Buffs can get by with the players currently slated to be on the 2011 roster, especially if Josh Moten and Harold Mobley move from there respective positions at cornerback and tight end to quarterback.

As it stands, CU has Tyler Hansen as the returning starter. Hansen is not assured of earning the starting job next August, but he is the odds-on favorite because he brings the most experience to the table, having started 13 games over the past two seasons.

One area of concern for Hansen is how he deals with his recovery from a ruptured spleen he suffered in October and whether that becomes a mental issue he has to overcome in the future.

CU also has redshirt freshman Nick Hirschman in the mix. Hirschman learned a lot about the college game from the sidelines this fall and should be the biggest challenge to Hansen in the spring and summer.

Don't underestimate Hirschman or Moten and Mobley for that matter. The playing field has been evened considerably for anyone competing at quarterback because of the change in offenses. Everyone will be starting from scratch when the Buffs start spring ball March 11.

One final option is walk-on Justin Gorman, who spent the 2010 season on scout team. Whether Gorman remains in the picture at quarterback remains to be seen.

Assuming Mobley and Moten both move to quarterback, CU would start 2011 with four scholarship quarterbacks on the roster and three of them would be redshirt freshmen.

That fact might have coaches thinking twice about allowing both players to switch positions, but it also shows that CU has some options and there is no reason to panic about the quarterback depth right now, especially if it means signing a player who might not be worth it in the long run.

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