Wadood taking visits

Cornerback Rashad Wadood committed to Arizona State months ago, but as the 2011 recruiting cycle winds down, he has decided to take a few more trips and at least investigate other options. What made him choose to visit Colorado this weekend? Get inside for more.

Rashad Wadood became interested in Colorado because Anthony Tucker works in the program as an offensive technical intern. Tucker used to coach at Wadood's high school in Lakewood, Calif.

"I played under him since I was in ninth grade," Wadood said. "He taught me a lot of stuff I know about football. He helped me out like a lot. He made me better as a player. I learned my position under him. I mean, he worked with me a lot when I was young.

"Now that I know he's up there it would be cool to maybe be around him more on a team where he is on the staff."

Those comments appear to indicate Colorado at least has a chance with Wadood heading into the weekend, but the 5-foot-10, 180-pound prospect insists he remains strongly committed to Arizona State.

"I just wanted to take some trips to reassure my decision and make sure I'm picking the right school and where I'm going to go to," Wadood said.

Waddod is well aware that the coaching staff at ASU will be heading into a pivotal year next fall and must get the program back near the top of the Pac-10 before the fan base and administration lose patience. He said he believes in coach Dennis Erickson and his assistants and likes that they believe in him.

"I feel real good about ASU," Wadood said. "I like it. The coaches support me in my decision to take some trips. They just want the best for me. Of course they want me to come to ASU, but, I mean they feel that if ASU is not the right school for me, then I need to do what's best for me."

Wadood said he doesn't know anyone at Colorado but he knows of wide receiver Paul Richardson because they played against each other in high school.

"I know the name. I know he's on the team, so it will be cool that I at least know of somebody," Wadood said. "That's the only person I really know out there."

Wadood said he has never been to Colorado and is excited to see the state, the town and the campus.

Defensive coordinator Greg Brown visited Wadood a week ago at his home. Wadood said he has a solid relationship with Brown and is looking forward to meeting the rest of the coaching staff in Boulder.

"He just told me straight up like, 'We want you to play. We know you can play so don't come here if you plan on redshirting,'"Wadood said. "He just kept it real with me."

Wadood also has another connection to Colorado. Former CU safety D.J. Dykes served as an assistant coach at Lakewood High School a year ago.

Wadood says he also will visit Miami next weekend (Jan. 21) and then he will make his final decision about his future.

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