Tad Boyle conference call

Colorado coach Tad Boyle and his basketball team are coming off two disappointing road losses last week and will host No. 6 Kansas at home on Tuesday. Boyle took questions from Big 12 media today.

Should we read anything into the recent results or is this simply reality in the Big 12?

Tad Boyle: "We're very disappointed obviously in the last week in the way that we've played. I think we opened some eyes there the first week-and-a-half. Whether we're coming back to reality, I don't know. That's why you've got to play the whole conference race to figure out where everything shakes out. We're certainly disappointed in ourselves the way we've performed and going on the road isn't easy, but, to me, we had some winnable games that we let slip away. We just didn't play well enough."

You certainly got a chance here to take a step forward starting the week off (against Kansas).

TB: "We do. It's a great opportunity. At Colorado obviously the Kansas game is always a big one for our fans and our players. I think wherever KU goes throughout the league, they gain a lot of attention, a lot of people's best shots. So hopefully our guys will be ready emotionally, but we're going to have to play well. We're going to have to make some shots and execute better offensively."

You get to play a Kansas team that has just lost its last game. Is that just an example of how a conference schedule can unfold in an unkind way? Instead of having a team coming in that is still kind of full of itself or overconfident?

TB: "Timing is everything sometimes, but my philosophy has always been you just play them as they come. The thing about Kansas is they're an good program. Obviously Bill does an unbelievable job with them. I'm not sure they overlook anybody. Now they're like anybody else. They have nights when they're playing well and maybe some nights when they're not playing well, but I don't think it's because they get full of themselves. So I don't know if it's a good time or bad time to play Kansas. I really don't get in to that too much."

The games you lost on the road last week, was it a case of the intangibles that didn't quite come through for you guys?

TB: "Yeah, and one of the things we've been good at this year is when our shots aren't falling, we get to the free-throw line. We find a way there. But the last couple games, our shots haven't been falling and we haven't gotten to the free-throw line. That's where some frustration has set in a little bit with our team and with our coaches a little bit too to be honest with you. So that's what practice if for. Nebraska played us very well. They kind of sagged in the lanes. They tried not to foul. They tried to take our driving opportunities away.You've got to try to find another way. We have to have a post presence offensively, which right now we don't have. That's going to put some pressure on your jump shooting and if you're not making them, you better dial up your defense and your rebounding and find other ways, whether it's second-chance points and limiting the other team. I think this week what you've seen against Nebraska, we really took a step back with our interior defense, which had gotten better. It's never been a strength of ours this year, but it had gotten a lot better. But we took a step back there. Then at Oklahoma, we didn't do anything well."

How do you develop a post presence?

TB:"I think there is a couple ways and we've done it throughout the year at times. I think we've got to post up our guards a little bit. One thing we have is we've got a team that can space the floor and stretch the defense. We've got five guys who can actually shoot the three on our team on the floor. So we have to have great floor spacing and then it may not be our post, Austin Dufault, that we're posting. It might be Alec Burks or Cory Higgins or Marcus Relphorde. We've got to find ways to attack the paint if we're not able to get there on the dribble drive."

Before the season you expressed the desire to fill the arena with Colorado fans and get enough support for your team rather than watching the other team. Do you sense that is happening here with a second straight sellout?

TB:"The exciting thing that has happened over the last couple weeks is I think we've generated some excitement within the Buff nation and I think the Oklahoma State crowd was as good as it's been, a sellout and they were all Buff fans. I mean, there was some orange sprinkled in there. Obviously tomorrow night there will be a contingent of Jayhawk fans. I don't know how many. I do think we are generating some excitement in basketball along the front range here and I think that's a good thing. But that is going to be a process. It's not going to happen overnight. But I think the process has started. So that's a positive sign. We have to do our job though. I feel like we've let our fans down the way we've performed the last week after we left home. So we've got to come back and get on the right track to reward them."

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