Miles talks Buffs after sixth offer

Mullen High School quarterback Cyler Miles received his sixth offer this week and is embracing the recruiting process as more attention seems to come his way each day. He received his first offer from Colorado last fall and he talked about the Buffs with us. Get inside for more.

Cyler Miles has absolutely no idea where he will go to college and play football. He is wide open to all schools at this point and likes certain characteristics about each of the six that have offered him.

He received an offer from Illinois on Tuesday morning. The Illini join Colorado, Notre Dame, Arizona State, California and Vanderbilt as teams that have officially offered Miles a scholarship.

Quarterbacks are generally among the first to make decisions in college football recruiting, but Miles doesn't have any sort of timetable at this point. He is agreeable to staying home or going away to college and doesn't really feel strongly about either at this point.

If he was to stay home, it would be to attend Colorado and play in the Pac-12 Conference, the new home of the Golden Buffaloes.

"I think they are kind of trying to regroup right now," he said. "They're struggling a bit right now, but with (Jon)Embree as the new coach, I think they have a chance to get back where they used to be.

"I met Embree briefly. He's a great guy. It's a beautiful campus up there. They've got the athletes. I think they really just need to build around Embree and they can get back where they've been in the past years."

Some have Miles pegged as a dual-threat quarterback whose talents might best be utilized in an option or spread offense at the college level. However, he said he believes programs with pro-style offenses will suit him best. That could be another factor working in Colorado's favor, especially considering five of the six offensive coaches, including Embree, have experience in the NFL.

"I would say a pro-style offense or at least some form of a pro style," Miles said. "I know i've got the wheels and a lot of people talk about option quarterback and spread quarterback, but honestly I feel like I could fit in best at a pro-style offense or at least some form of that."

Miles said he hasn't really sat down and thought much about next season and any personal goals he would like to achieve. He said winning a state championship is always at the top of the list. Then after thinking about it for a few seconds, he said he would like to pass for 3,000 yards, throw 30-35 touchdown passes and maybe run for 15-20 more.

"I just want to improve overall as a quarterback and lead the team and have a great senior year overall," he said.

Miles said he is focused on training in the weight room and preparing for the track season right now, but football is never far from his mind. He said he tries to get together with a receiver or two and throw the ball around about once a week.

He participates in the 100, 200 and 4x100 relay for the Mullen track and field team. His best time in the 100 last year as a sophomore was 10.9 seconds.

Miles said he doesn't have any current plans to attend camps run by colleges this summer and he doesn't know which schools he might visit unofficially during the summer either.

He does plan to compete in the the Badger/New Level 7on7 in March as well as an Elite 11 Regional Camp in Berkeley, Calif. later in the spring.

Miles is a good student, the son of parents who worked in the business world. His father sells real estate. He said he will probably pursue a degree in business in college.

So far, Miles said recruiting hasn't been overwhelming his time, but that is likely because it's still just February and college coaches are concerned with spring football before the spring evaluation period and summers camps. A month or two from now, he might feel differently.

"Honestly, it's not that crazy at all to me right now," Miles said. "A lot of people tell me it's going to be hectic. A few coaches are talking to me and calling me, but I wouldn't say it's crazy right now."

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