Cory Higgins: "We can beat anybody"

Cory Higgins' career at Colorado is in its final weeks and he can smell his first opportunity at the postseason. After what he called the best experienced of his career in beating No. 5 Texas, Higgins spent a few minutes with us. Get inside for more.

If Colorado can finish the regular season strong this week with victories over Iowa State on the road and Nebraska at home, the Buffs ought to get an invitation to the NIT at the very least.

It would be the first postseason play of Cory Higgins' stellar career in Boulder, but he is hoping for more. Higgins wants two more wins and at least a victory or two in the Big 12 tournament followed by a trip to the NCAA tournament.

Cory how did you guys accomplish your 22-point comeback against Texas?

Cory Higgins: "It was on the defensive end, just giving it our all and letting the offense take care of itself. We just trusted each other and really played together. That's how we got it done."

Do you feel like you took a step forward or gained something from it that will help you in the future?

CH: "Definitely. We just showed that we can truly beat anybody in the country. I think Texas is arguably the most talented team in the nation, and we showed if we play like we're capable of, we can beat anybody. So I think that's a huge confidence booster for us."

It seems like if you guys have a bad performance in either of your last two games this week, this effort would almost be wasted. Would you say that is accurate?

CH: "I think so. In terms of where we want to go, I don't think we can drop any games next week. So we're just going to be that much more focused. If we lose, it's not going to be from a lack of effort."

Talk about how much fun it was to beat the Longhorns.

CH: "It was amazing. It was the best time I've had in the last four years. That was my dream. I probably dreamed of that every summer. Hopefully this year we'll have a big win. So, I mean, it was huge just because I've dreamed of it for so long. So it was pretty much like a dream come true if you want to say that."

What was it like being in the mass of people on your home court finally celebrating a big win?

CH: "It was amazing. I can't even describe it. Not many people get to experience that. I'm so happy that I got to do that in my college career. It meant so much to me."

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