Baylis roots for Buffs

Evan Baylis is the most sought after tight end recruit in Colorado in the 2012 class and he says he remains completely open to every school recruiting him. At the same time, he also admits there is at least a small emotional edge for the school for which he grew up cheering.

"Kind of, but I'm keeping all my options open," Evan Baylis said. "I need to make a good, informed decision, but definitely being close to home has a little bit to do with it."

Baylis moved to Colorado from Indiana when he was a small boy. He says he has been rooting for the University of the Colorado football team since.

Baylis has been in regular contact with Colorado coaches in recent months since the new staff was hired and he said he likes what he's hearing from Boulder.

"It's already a good program and it's definitely headed in a great direction," Baylis said. "I've talked a lot with the coaches and coach Embree a lot. They're good guys. They know how to win and they're recruiting hard. It's definitely going in a great direction.

Baylis said he is developing a solid relationship with CU head coach Jon Embree, who played tight end at Cherry Creek High School and at CU in the 1980s. Embree went on to coach defensive line and tight ends at CU and UCLA before becoming an NFL tight ends coach at Kansas City and with the Washington Redskins. Baylis said it's interesting having the head coach of a program also be a former tight end.

"He definitely let's me know how much they enjoy using the tight ends for their team," Baylis said. "Most of the time, tight ends aren't really the first look, but he's definitely making them the first look and stuff like that. It's a good relationship."

Baylis now has offers from Arizona, Boise State, Colorado, Colorado State, Duke, Indiana, Michigan and Stanford.

"It's really exciting knowing that I'm going to be able to go play football in college," Baylis said.

Baylis says he plans to visit Boise State on March 23 and he will follow that up with trips to Oregon and Michigan during his spring break in the final week of March.

"I don't know if I'm going to take official visits, but I'm taking a couple unofficial visits just to get my base of other college campuses and talk to some of the other coaches, too, in person. I don't know if it will go as far as into next season, but it's going to be a little bit of time from here to make a good, informed decision."

In the Grandview offense, Baylis is asked to play a more traditional tight end role about half the time and the other half he is used more like a wide receiver. He said he believes he could succeed in either role at the college level, playing a more physical brand of football like what Embree is installing in Boulder or a finesse game elsewhere.

Baylis is playing lacrosse this spring. It's his second love and he has been playing for seven years. The sport also has gained him some recruiting attention.

Baylis said he has received a lot of letters and has spoken with college coaches about playing college lacrosse, but his heart is with football. Most lacrosse programs aren't able to offer full scholarships the way football can.

Baylis is preparing for a Badger Sport 7on7 camp this spring and plans to attend several camps this summer but he hasn't determined which ones yet.

What will ultimately be the deciding factors for Baylis in choosing a college and football program?

"Kind of just how I get along with the coaches and my relationship with the head coach and my position coach," he said. "Then just how I like the campus. The academics and definitely what kind of programs they have and the tradition they bring as a team."

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