Q&A: Nick Hirschman

Considering his level of experience at the college level and the fact that he's learning a new offense, redshirt freshman quarterback Nick Hirschman has been impressive so far in spring practices. Get inside for some of his thoughts on how it's going.

BSN: Could you speak to the level if intensity in spring ball?

Nick Hirschman: "I think the level of intensity if definitely so much higher. It's a lot more enthusiastic and that makes it a lot more fun for the players and the coaches I think as well. It just gives everyone a lot more energy and makes everyone want to go 110 percent."

BSN: What is your impression of these coaches and the attitude they bring?

Hirschman: "I think these coaches are wonderful for the program and for us. I mean, for the past three months I've learned more about football than I think most people in the country do. Everybody is working hard right now and all the other teams in the Pac-12 are working hard. We've just got to stay focused and stay intense during these practices."

BSN: What is your impression of the offense?

Hirschman: "I love the offense. It's more of a pro style than we were last year and that suits me a little better than last year's offense did. I'm more of a traditional drop-back kind of guy who can run around with his feet if he needs to, but I'd rather stay in the pocket and throw. I just love this offense, what we've been doing and what we're going to do."

BSN: Is this offense similar to what you ran in high school?

Hirschman: "This is more concepts and different language but almost the exact same, yeah. I feel a lot more comfortable in this offense and I think everybody who has come out of a pro style does. I know Tyler came out of a pro style in high school and he's very comfortable with the offense as well as I am."

BSN: Is it tough to learn, easy to learn. How would you characterize it?

Hirschman: "I mean, it's tough to learn, but if you want to put in the man hours for it, it all starts to click and make sense. It makes being out here a lot easier."

BSN: Last year everyone assumed you were going to redshirt unless there was an injury or something. But now it's up to you to try and play. What do you have to do to push Tyler and ultimately earn the starting job?

Hirschman: "You know, I just think I've got to keep being in my play book, keep the intensity high out here and know all my reads, all my shifts, all my alerts, all my calls, and I've just got to work hard. I don't make that decision and all I can do is put all my effort forward and let the cards fall where they may."

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