Back to work

The Colorado Buffaloes have had 10 days off for spring break and return to the practice fields Monday afternoon for the final nine practices of spring ball including the April 9 spring game.

Colorado coach Jon Embree put his team through five consecutive challenging practices at the beginning of spring ball earlier this month to get an idea of who he could count on.

"Just to see who really wanted to be here, who wanted to play, who was willing to put it all out there," he said.

When the Buffs parted ways for spring break. Embree was happy with how the first six practices had gone. He said the offense was developing quickly and had performed well in the first scrimmage of spring rushing 38 times for 186 yards.

The challenge today will be how players resume spring and whether coaches are required to get in their faces once again to raise the intensity level or have the players learned to do that on their own already?

Embree started his first spring as coach saying that position battles and competition for playing time wouldn't be as much of the focus as simply finding the players who are truly dedicated to the program and to getting better.

"I'm happy with the way they've responded and now we've got to pick it up again when we come back," Embree said.

Embree spent his spring break already preparing for several of the Buffs' first opponents. He said he and other coaches would be watching film of Hawaii, California and Colorado State.

Embree also traveled to the West Coast to meet with boosters and he managed to spend some time with his family in the Boulder area looking for home where he and his wife and daughter will live. Both his sons were in town while on spring break from UCLA and UNLV.

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