Kourtzidis plans Boulder visit

With its switch to the West Coast offense, the Colorado football program covets tight ends who can both block and threaten defenses in the passing game, probably in that order. CU coaches have their eyes on one such talent from Orange County, Calif., in the 2012 cycle. Get inside for more.

Christo Kourtzidis, a 6-foot-4, 240-pound tight end from Lutheran High School in Orange County, Calif., caught nearly 30 passes for approximately 300 yards last fall as a junior.

His size, athleticism and performance as a tight end and defensive end for his high school team is attracting plenty of attention from college recruiters and has garnered him multiple scholarship offers.

One of those offers came from the Buffs, who will likely sign two tight ends in the 2012 recruiting cycle.

"They seem like a good school," Kourtzidis said. "I know Boulder is a really nice place. I have family that lives out in Colorado and they've told me a lot about it. And I know they just got a new coaching staff, so I don't know really much about their program football-wise. They pretty much revamped the whole thing."

Kourtzidis said he primarily communicates with CU linebackers coach Brian Cabral, who is responsible for recruiting the Orange County area. He said he also is familiar with CU tight ends coach J.D. Brookhart.

"He seems like a pretty cool guy," Kourtzidis said of Cabral. "I told him I plan on getting out there sometime this spring or summer. I'm not exactly sure when, but me and my dad are going to sit down and try to find a good time to get out there."

Kourtzidis says he holds offers from Colorado, Florida State, Washington, Washington State and Nebraska.

Kourtzidis is definitely taking his time with recruiting and plans to investigate each school thoroughly before making a decision. He said he is planning to visit Colorado some time this spring or summer and might combine his visit to Boulder with one to check out the Cornhuskers in Lincoln, Neb.

"As far as the school that have offered me, I'm considering all of them," Kourtzidis said. "I haven't been to any of the schools yet so I really want to visit first and close any doors. I'm trying to keep all my options open."

Kourtzidis said he is not looking for a particular offensive system such as the West Coast, but he doesn't want to play for a program that passes the ball too much because it would hurt his development as a blocker. He also has no interest in playing in a program that rarely passes.

He plays in a pro style, West Coast system at his high school with some Veer option elements mixed in.

"I want to make sure I'm getting into the right situation," Kourtzidis said.

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