Q&A: Chidera Uzo-Diribe

Chidera Uzo-Diribe played in all 12 games of his freshman season last fall and finished the year with 31/2 sacks, a forced fumble and five third-down stops. He returned to the practice fields recently after missing the first part of spring ball with an injury. Get inside for more.

Can you tell us what exactly happened that prevented you from being out here the whole spring?

Chidera Uzo-Diribe "I had a broken toe during winter workouts. We were up in the field house running some hoops and during that I broke my toe. I had surgery on it to get it realigned and have it heal better and faster."

Was it your big toe and how did you do it?

CU:"No, it wasn't my big toe. It's the toe right next to my pinkie toe. So my fourth toe. I can't even tell you how. I was just running and felt a pop in my foot and then it was just broken."

Does it feel good now?

CU: "It's healing. It's not 100 percent yet. It's still healing but it's feeling a lot better."

What have your first couple days out here been like?

CU: "(Monday) was a good day. I got to get back out here and play football again. (Tuesday) was a little bit more eye-opening experience back in full pads and back to hitting. It has shown me I've got to get my technique down and get ready for fall camp."

Are there big differences between the techniques you're being taught and what the old coaching staff taught?

CU: "Definitely. We're throwing out a lot of the old technique coach (Romeo) Bandison taught us and we're implementing some new ones with coach Kanavis (McGhee) and coach Tui (Mike Tuiasosopo). So there is a big difference."

Does it suit you well? Are you adapting to it?

CU: "Oh yeah. I feel like this technique is a lot better for us you know? They want us to play a lot faster and physical and I feel like I'm a fast D-end. So that really helps me out a lot better."

You had a pretty successful freshman season. What are your goals looking toward your sophomore year?

CU: "Team-wise, we want that Pac-12 championship. We want to come out and let everybody know that we're for real. With that team stuff, all the individual stuff will come with it."

What are coach Tuiasosopo and coach McGhee like? Do you get along with them well?

CU: "Yeah man, it's like having one of the guys around, some teammates. But when they get serious, they demand your attention and you respect them. You definitely give them that when they speak."

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