CU Quarterback Situation Still Undetermined

Head coach Gary Barnett and the Buffs hope the dark, ominous skies in Boulder Saturday are not a sign of things to come. Without a definite starting quarterback, an offensive line with no cohesion and a brutal schedule, the Buffs could look at the 2003 season as a rebuilding one. But as spring practice came to an end, the feeling in Boulder is oportunistic.

As the storm clouds decended on Boulder and the University of Colorado football team Saturday, the Buffs wrapped up their spring drills with a very-spirited scrimmage.

Let's hope the clouds were not a sign of things to come.

The Buffs began spring drills with many questions at many positions, including who will be the starting quarterback, who will replace several starters on the offensive line and who will take over punter and kicker duties.

At this point, Head Coach Gary Barnett really can't answer any of them.

"At this point, I would say everything is still up in the air", Barnett said about the race at quarterback between Joel Klatt and James Cox.

Well what did you expect? At this point last season, Klatt was playing minor-leauge baseball and Cox was still in high school. Thanks a lot Craig Ochs.

But with the departure of Ochs to Montana, it has opened up the QB race between Cox, Klatt and new-comers Bernard Jackson, Brian White and Erik Greenberg.

Klatt faired much better than the other two Saturday, as he completed 11 of 18 passes for 127 yards and a TD. Cox only went 4-11 for 30 yards and one TD. Cox was also sacked three times and injured his elbow on one of them. The injury is not serious.

Over-all, it was the defense that looked stronger and got the W on Saturday. In a scoring system a CU engineer would have a hard time figuring out, the D beat the offense 32-26.

Although none of the QBs stepped into the starting spotlight, both Gary Barnett and offensive coordinator Shawn Watson were happy with the progression of Greenberg, Cox and Klatt the past 15 days.

"When I look at where these guys were last season, I can't complain," said Watson. "I am pleased with all of their progression."

It should be a very busy summer for the CU coaching staff. Despite naming a starting quarterback, they will need to fill some holes on the o-line, name a kicker and punter and establish some role players at linebacker and defensive back.

BuffsInsider does not recommend any Buff fan looking at the 2003 schedule until some of these issues have been settled.

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