Q&A: Bobby Kennedy

Colorado wide receivers coach Bobby Kennedy has spent 10 practice days on the field with his players and has developed some impressions of what he is working with and the strengths and weaknesses in the depth chart. Get inside for his thoughts on current players and recruiting needs for the 2012 class.

What are your impressions of your group now that you have had some time to evaluate them?

Bobby Kennedy: "They're really working hard and I've got a bunch of good guys. They have bought in and they're really trying to do things the way that we want them done. We're not a finished product by no means. We've got a long ways to go. But the neat things is that they want to be good and they have a thirst and a hunger to be good. So that's half the battle."

Do you have concerns about the depth of the group?

BK: "I think with the guys we've recruited, we'll be able to add some depth there, but obviously we have to go out and we have to recruit some guys. As I kind of say, we have to restock the pond."

"The thing is I think these kids are eager and they're hungry. So what we're going to do is we're going to suit up the best 11 and let the chips fall where they may."

We hear a lot of talk from coach Embree about developing a strong running game. What is wide receivers role in offense?

BK: "I think the role of the wide receivers is to do what is asked of them, whether we're running the ball or whether we're throwing it. Every guy has a job description and we're going to throw the ball, but I think to be able to throw the ball effectively, you've got to be able to run it. And you've got to be able to run it when you want to run it."

How many wide receivers will you take in next class?

BK: "We haven't necessarily determined a number yet, but like I said, we'd like to be able to restock the pond. Hopefully we can get three guys, maybe more. That's going to be up to Jon. I let him handle the numbers."

Will you definitely use a true freshman this year?

BK: "I would say this. There is great opportunity for the freshmen to come in, but they've got to be able to handle the volume of offense we're kind of throwing at them. We've thrown a lot at these guys in a short amount of time, and it's not easy learning the West Coast offense."

The impression is out there among Colorado fans is that Paul Richardson and Toney Clemons will be the receivers this team leans on next season. What have you seen from them this spring?

BK: "Both are really talented guys. Obviously, Toney being a senior, I think he knows he has to finish strong if he wants to continue his career. But I have been impressed with him. He's had a little bit of a slow start this spring because of hamstrings and things, but I've been impressed with him when he's been out here. He definitely has the ability to be a playmaker. Then Paul is a guy I see tremendous potential from. In fact, I told him today, I said, I've been really fortunate. I've had a small part in developing some guys in the past and I see him on that path if he continues to work and buy in to what we're trying to get done here. ...If he continues to do those things that I'm asking, I think he can become an elite player."

One guy people are curious about has been here for a few years but hasn't really been heard from on game days. What have you seen from Jarrod Darden?

BK: "Jarrod is still a work in progress. I think he has a ways to go, but he is like most young players. When you make the adjustment from high school to college, it's no different than making the adjustment from college to pros. There is a learning curve. What he has to do is continue on his path of learning. He's not a finished product.We need him to continue to get better."

Keenan Canty sat out last year as a true freshman, what have you seen from him?

BK: "Been impressed with Keenan, he's a little bit in the same situation where you see flashes from him and now what we're looking for is just overall consistency.

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