Decision Day for Alec Burks

After leading the Buffs to one of their most successful basketball seasons in history, Alec Burks will announce today at a 2 p.m. (MDT) press conference in Boulder whether he will return for his junior year of make the jump to the NBA. Get inside for our thoughts on what he will do.

Sources have indicated to in recent weeks that Alec Burks is inclined to stay in college for another year but that his parents have suggested it would be better for his future to make the move to the NBA now while his stock is high.

We believe that is what Burks will decide to do and the decision he will announce today when he meets with reporters in Boulder.

However, it might bode well for Colorado fans that it has taken this long for Burks to come to a decision. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft in June is Sunday.

Burks teamed with senior Cory Higgins to lead the Buffs to a school record 24 victories this season. He led the Buffs with 20.5 points and 6.5 rebounds a game.

Several respected online mock drafts have Burks listed as a lottery pick and we have talked with several NBA scouts who have attended CU games this season. Nothing those scouts tell us leads us to believe the mock drafts are very far off base if at all.

Burks is seen as a player with a lot of potential. He is already capable of getting his own shot and that is a skill he should improve as he matures. His defense, outside shooting, ball handling and decision making all can also improve and those things generally do for most players at his age and stage of development.

With that in mind, Burks would be slated to make somewhere between $3-$6 million in guaranteed money over the first three years of his contract if he turned pro. That's tough to turn down.

Some believe the possible NBA work stoppage next fall could affect Burks decision but he and his parents have been steadfast in saying it won't and there is a simple explanation for that.

Once a player decides to turn pro he hires and agent and other professional representation and those folks are able to loan prospects the money they need or arrange loans for them so that they can live comfortably until the details of their contracts are wrapped up.

Burks might not be able to play basketball in the NBA next fall is there is a work stoppage, but he won't be eating peanut butter and jelly because of it. will be on hand in Boulder for the announcement and we'll bring you comments from Burks and coach Tad Boyle.

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