Spring top 12: Nick Hirschman

Redshirt freshman quarterback Nick Hirschman could be one snap away from being the starting quarterback in the fall, which isn't such a scary idea after a decent spring. He is No. 10 on our list of the best 12 Colorado players in spring practices.

Nick Hirschman was inconsistent early in spring ball but rallied down the stretch and played very well in the spring game, giving fans reason to believe he could make some plays if called on during the season.

Hirschman played very well in the spring game, leading five of the seven scoring drives in the game.

Hirschman completed 22 of 43 passes for 274 yards and three scores in the three main spring scrimmages. He did not throw an interception but did connect for three touchdowns.

"I think for sure that I showed that I can come out here and I can make plays," Hirschman said at the end of spring ball.

Hirschman would be the backup to Tyler Hansen if the season started today, but he will have to be sharp once again when fall camp starts in early August because he is sure to be challenged by junior transfer Brent Burnette, who was shaky in spring and still getting used to thing, as well as true freshman Stevie Dorman.

Hirschman is more of a pure pocket passer than Hansen and he likes the change in offensive systems to the West Coast, pro-style approach. It is similar to what he ran in high school.

"I think I just need to work on the mental game," Hirschman said. "The mental game is so huge here and getting reps and seeing defenses move out there is a lot different than seeing on film. That will come."

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