Spring top 12: Kyle Slavin

The Colorado football program recruited three tight ends in the 2010 class and two of them were recently kicked off the team. However, Kyle Slavin emerged as a playmaker in spring ball and looks like he will prevent the group from being a total bust. Slavin is No. 9 on our list of the 12 best players in CU spring practices. Get inside for more.

Kyle Slavin won't be outworked. You can count on that from the Buffs' redshirt freshman tight end. It might be his work ethic that ultimately led to him making plays this spring.

Slavin was a fixture at spring practices a year ago when he was still a high school student at Chatfield in Littleton. While spring practices weren't nearly as intense then as they were this year under new coaches, that experience of driving to Boulder each day and attending meetings and practices likely prepared him to succeed this year.

Slavin isn't going to blow anyone away with his athleticism like teammate DaVaughn Thornton. But don't be fooled into thinking he can't or won't make plays. He made a lot of them this spring, including catching two touchdown passes in the spring game.

Slavin caught five passes for 68 yards and the two scores in the three main spring scrimmages combined.

Slavin is a work in progress as a blocker in the run game. It's not that he lacks the skill or determination to do it. He just needs more work and some time to develop more strength in the weight room. But his work ethic should take care of that.

Slavin also worked this spring as the backup longsnapper. Coaches convinced him to take a stab at the job making sure to note that if he becomes good enough over time, it could lead to a lucrative career in the NFL.

Slavin proved he is capable and will only get better. He also provides a bigger body at the position than first-team longsnapper Ryan Iverson.

Slavin will likely play behind Ryan Deehan and Thornton in the fall, but he will be on the field at times. Don't be surprised if he makes the most of those opportunities.

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