Thomas discusses Colorado commitment

Three-star wide receiver Jeffrey Thomas recently became the fifth player to join the 2012 Colorado football recruiting class. The product of Duncanville, Texas, spent some time this week answering our questions. Get inside for more.

What was it that made you decide at this point that Colorado is the school and the program for you?

Jeffrey Thomas "Really just the conference and the direction the team is going in. With the whole coaching staff and everybody, it just seemed like something I really wanted to be a part of."

Which Colorado coach has been handling your recruitment and what is your relationship like with him?

JT: "Coach Kennedy, the receivers coach. I went to a Texas camp back in my sophomore year and he was coaching there. I just really liked his energy there and the way he was telling us how to do stuff and coaching us up. So when he moved to Colorado and I started talking to him there, he was just really cool and we connected."

Have you been to Colorado?

JT: "Not yet, I couldn't get a plane ticket, but I plan to."

What made you comfortable committing to a program and school without ever visiting there first?

JT: "I don't know. I had just heard so much about it that was good and I talked to so many people who told me about it. I just felt like this is the place that I wanted to be."

What do you feel are your best skills at this point and what are you focused on improving this summer and during your senior season?

My best skills would be route running, physicalness and catching the ball. I'm working on my strength and speed. (He runs a 4.52 40-yard dash)."

Are you playing 7-on-7 tis summer with your teammates?

JT: "Yes sir. We're going to be at the state tournament on July 15. Every day we do 7-on-7."

It looks like you might have an opportunity for early playing time at Colorado. How much was that a factor in your decision?

JT: "Yes sir, it did. The more playing time I can get, the better I can get. The more I can get on the field, the better I can adjust and learn everything. I'm a quick learner. And I also think I can help out with the offense."

Colorado also has a pretty good quarterback in your recruiting class in Shane Dillon. Are you familiar with him and did his commitment have any influence on your decision?

JT: "I've heard of him, but I just haven't met him or anything like that. But, yeah, that helped me out with my decision a lot with him being in there. The connection we could have could be really good."

What has coach Kennedy asked you to focus on over the next year before you get here?

JT: "He wants me to really just keep up with everything, keep a clean background. Don't get in any trouble and keep my grades up, get stronger in the weight room and really just stay focused. Really just keep going along with what I'm doing."

Obviously the other programs that are recruiting you probably won't stop pursuing you. What have you told them and what will you be telling them?

JT: "I called every school that was recruiting me and I just told them where I was going and why I was going here and why the decision was made and stuff like that. They just told me that was good and congratulations and they would still be recruiting me throughout this process. So just in case if I had any change of heart or anything it would still be on the table."

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