Sherrard Harrington settles in

True freshman cornerback Sherrard Harrington has been in Boulder most of the summer working out with his new teammates and beginning to learn the defensive system. He might be one of the early favorites to earn playing time this season when it comes to the freshman class because of an insightful decision he made early on. Get inside for more.

It's safe to say Sherrard Harrington loves his new surroundings in Boulder compared with the ruthless streets of the Washington D.C. area where he spent much of his childhood.

Harrington is wise beyond his years because of some the experiences he has endured at a young age and that wisdom showed up when he was still planning to come to Boulder.

Harrington read as much as he could about the Buffs during recruiting and into spring ball. One article quoted former Buff cornerback and recent first-round draft pick Jimmy Smith saying Perkins was "like a computer on the field."

Harrington contacted Perkins and asked if he could be his roommate when he arrived in town.

"He has really given me the basics on what type of defense we're running and what our ideas are and stuff like that," Harrington said. "I know the athletes but who is the coach on the field who is running this? That was my main objective was finding him. They said Anthony Perkins. I wrote him on Facebook and he was open to letting me come in his house."

Harrington adds speed and confidence to the Colorado secondary and a playmaking ability the Buffs really need. CU coaches were less than impressed with how their cornerbacks performed in spring ball.

Harrington says he is doing his best to learn the ropes during 7-on-7 practices this summer, but there is only so much he can do there because he is relying on teammates to teach him concepts and tricks that could prove to be the difference between a starting job and a backup role.

"It's a learning process and you definitely got to look at the veterans knowing that they've been here for quite a long time, and it's a different speed," he said. "The main thing is you have to learn the plays before you get out there. Once you learn the plays, everything will take care of itself and run fluently."

Harrington says he would love to get on the field as soon as possible, but he also is willing to put in more time if that is what it takes to become a great player.

Harrington said secondary coach Greg Brown is always telling him "to get ready for Hawaii because I may be playing."

"My main thing is just to learn right now and keep getting better," he said.

Harrington said time management and adjusting to the difficulty of workouts have been the biggest adjustment for him at the college level. He said he getting better at both.

He said he just received a B-plus in his first summer session course. So he is off to a good start academically.

"I love it because I am finally on my own," Harrington said.

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