Shane Dillon discusses Elite 11

Future Colorado quarterback Shane Dillon was thrilled to be named an Elite 11 quarterback earlier this month. Now the blue-chip prospect is turning his focus toward the coming season and even toward his future in Boulder. Get inside for more.

Shane Dillon was one of 24 quarterbacks invited to the most prestigious camp in the nation for high school signal-callers earlier this month. The Elite 11 camp uses that moniker because its organizers and coaches ultimately choose who they believe are the very best quarterback recruits each year.

"I worked so hard throughout the whole week and to hear my name called at the very end at that No. 7 spot, it was awesome," Dillon said.

Dillon said he set the goal to just earn an invitation to the camp when he was much younger. So he was thrilled to achieve that much. The rest was more than he could have dreamed for.

"When I heard it was 24 guys and they had to cut it down to 11, I was way happy because it was a competition," Dillon said. "That's what I like to do is compete."

Dillon is 6-foot-5 and a lanky 185 pounds. He hopes to put on 20 pounds over the next year before arriving in Boulder next summer. He said the Elite 11 week was one he will remember his whole life.

"Oh my gosh, first off from like a kid aspect, it was one of the funnest weeks I've ever had," Dillon said. "I got so close to all the guys. I will never lose my friendships with those guys and some of them I got really, really close with.

"Then from like a football standpoint, I learned so much. The staff they had was incredible. Trent Dilfer, George Whitfield, Ken O'Brien, Mike James. It was crazy."

Achieving an honor like the Elite 11 is bound to earn a player more recruiting attention even though Dillon is committed and already was being recruited by many of the elite programs in the nation when he committed to Colorado in the spring.

Dillon said he is firmly committed to the Buffs.

"I'm so solid with CU," he said. "First off, me and coach (Rip) Scherer are so close. He talks to me a lot and I call him a lot. He will even call me when he is on vacation. I talk to coach Embree and coach Bieniemy, too. I love those guys. I've been recruiting some of the guys out here to come to CU.I love it so much. It's awesome."

One of the wide receivers Dillon and other Elite 11 quarterbacks worked with throughout the week was Crespi High School standout Chris Harper. Dillon said he was in Harper's ear about CU all week.

When told that he was the second Elite 11 quarterback to choose CU and that the first, Cody Hawkins, eventually became the program's all-time leading passer, Dillon said his goal is to break Hawkins' record.

"That's definitely one of my goals," he said.

Dillon visited Boulder in the spring with his father and a good friend, Jason Gaines, who plays wide receiver for Dillon's high school team. What did Dillon like about it?

"Coach Embree just made us feel so at home," Dillon said. "He was totally cool and just awesome. As far as the campus goes, it was unlike anything we had ever seen. It was like beautiful. I loved it. I thought it was awesome."

Dillon says he is considering majoring in communications at CU.

Dillon said he will make an official visit to CU this fall, but it probably won't be until December. He said he hopes to be able to see the Buffs play at UCLA in November.

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