Countryman names a favorite

Just a few weeks ago Cameron Countryman said he didn't really have a favorite school, but as his senior season approaches and he has given recruiting more thought, one school has risen above the others.

"Colorado is at the top," Cameron Countryman said when asked where the Buffs stand in his recruitment. "It's just the way they have treated myself and my family.

"When I took my unofficial there, coach (Eric) Bieniemy welcomed us and it felt like home. I really enjoyed my whole trip. And I am looking forward to going again for an official."

Countryman, a 5-foot-11, 160 pound prospect from Beverly Hills High School said he hasn't set dates for any official visits this fall, but he plans to make several trips before settling on a school sometime in December or January.

Countryman said three other schools stick out to him at this point, but he rates them slightly below Colorado at this point. They are Air Force, Harvard and Penn.

Countryman said academic excellence is a vital concern for him when choosing a school.

"I'm okay," he said modestly when asked about his academic history in high school. It's safe to say he won't have trouble getting into just about any college in America.

While he favors the Buffs, Countryman said he is giving strong consideration to Air Force. He has no concerns about the service element of choosing that program and he likes the fact that becoming a Falcon could lead to a great future.

"Yeah, it's part of the government and everything, but, I mean, they set you up for life almost," Countryman said. "And Air Force is different from the Army and Navy. A lot of the guys don't go into combat. It's not like if you go to the Air Force Academy, you're going to Iraq or anything."

Coach Bieniemy is serving as the primary recruiter for Countryman when it comes to Colorado. He said he has an excellent relationship with the Buffs' fiery offensive coordinator.

"I've loved his personality since the first day that I met him," Countryman said. "He's real cool. He's real straightforward. There is no BS when it comes to talking with him, and I mean he is a respectful guy. I think he knows the game of football real well and it's been all love. I call him every week and make sure I stay in touch with him. I love talking to him."

Colorado already has three wide receiver commitments in the 2012 class, but that doesn't worry Countryman. He said CU coaches have told him they are willing to wait for him to make a decision.

"I'm a guy who will always compete," he said. "So it doesn't matter if there are three receivers or 10 ahead of me. I'm going to feel like I'm the best one and I'm going to go out and get my spot."

Countryman also has a family tie to Boulder that is working in favor of the black, silver and gold. His uncle, Ken Countryman, played basketball for the Buffs from 1986 to 1988. He was a 6-3 guard.

"He told me he loves the university and he knows Bieniemy and Embree as well," Countryman said. "So he told me they were great guys and he's just been telling me to make the decision on my gut feeling and don't really think about what anybody else has to say. You know? It all just comes down to me."

While he considers his college choice, Countryman also is focused on the coming season with his high school team. He will be making a position change for the good of the team this fall, playing quarterback.

"I'm real excited about that," Countryman said. "I'll be playing receiver as well, a little bit."

Countryman isn't a rookie at the quarterback position. He played there as a sophomore after the starter was injured. He said he is one of the top athletes on his team and he has the ability to make most of the throws he will need to. So he is the ideal candidate to take over the job for his team once again this fall.

He said he isn't worried that a position change will affect his recruiting, even though every school that has offered him is recruiting him as a wide receiver, except for Utah, which wants him to play defensive back.

"I'll be running the ball a lot," Countryman said. "So guys can see how I am in space and running with the ball in my hands. They already know I can catch it."

Countryman received an offer from New Mexico State on Friday night. He said he had previously talked with Aggies coaches and they promised him an offer. So when it came, it wasn't a surprise.

"I'm very appreciative of it and thankful," he said. "We'll see. I'm not making any decisions on anything until much later. So I'm just kind of taking everything in right now."

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