Camp Q&A: Malcolm Creer

Freshman running back Malcolm Creer has a lot to learn before he will be contributing for the Colorado football team on the field on Saturdays. But there is no reason why he can't make a lot of progress toward that goal over the next three weeks. He's off to a good start so far. Get inside for more

What have you learned in your first few days of training camp?

Malcolm Creer "What I've learned is this is way different from high school. I'm a a gold fish in a shark pond right now. That playbook is no joke, but as days go by I'm learning each day from upperclassmen and my coach. They know it's not going to be easy. That's why they're being tough on me. I'm just a sponge right now, just soaking everything in."

What is it like to have Eric Bieniemy coaching you?

MC: "There are kind of like a million words, kind of like a picture, but how I see it is he is there to push me to my full potential and just having him here is a great honor. Having him come back from the NFL and coming back to his school to put us back on track is a real honor to play under him and learn from him. So I have no problem with him."

Is it difficult to get used to his intensity or is that something you have experienced in the past from other coaches?

MC: "I've experienced intensity and everything, but his is to another level, cussing and everything at me. I just know that's how the college thing is cause it's his job on the line. That's what he has to do. But on a level from one to 10 with one being the lowest, he's at a 10 or beyond a 10. He's up there."

You mentioned the playbook being no joke. How much of it would you say you know and how difficult is it to learn?

MC: "The playbook for a running back, we've got to know so much stuff. We've got to know protections. We've got to know what the O-lineman does and just reading everything on the field. It's pretty hard at the moment because I'm just getting used to it. We never had play books in high school. It's like an encyclopedia right now and I'm on the first five pages, but I'm catching up and (Bieniemy) and the upperclassmen or helping me out."

How do you feel your skills, your physical tools that you bring to the table, match up here with your teammates at the college lever?

MC: "I feel what I bring to the table is speed and being a bigger back. The other backs are speedy backs like Rodney Stewart, Josh Ford and Tony Jones. They're fast and they can read the field. I just bring intensity and hard work to the table."

How badly do you want to play this year?

MC: "I want to play badly, but I know it's a process. I need to know the playbook and I need to work hard and be consistent in practice. So I'm just going hard in practice and camp so I can get my name out there and at least get recognized."

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