Nobriga hopes to contribute for Buffs

Liloa Nobriga is part of a talented group of linebackers at Colorado. The Hawaiian native had 46 tackles in 2010.

Liloa Nobriga finished the 2010 season as one of Colorado's starting linebackers, but he'll start the 2011 season as a backup.

Linebackers coach Brian Cabral said Nobriga, a 6-foot-2, 240-pound redshirt sophomore, still has some work to do.

"Liloa is a very talented guy and he's got to turn the corner," Cabral said. "This is his third season and he's got to start producing. If he gets it and he starts to come of age in terms of preparation and understanding and learning, there's no question he's got the ability. He's a guy that needs to grow up and grow into what he's capable of being." recently caught up with Nobriga, who had 46 tackles in 298 snaps last season.

Scout: So far in practice, you've been on the field with the No. 1 and the No. 2 defense. Where do you fit in? Nobriga: "(Doug) Rippy and (Jon) Major and (Derrick) Webb are our starters and I feel like everybody is doing a good job working in there and doing their responsibility."

Scout: Do you feel like this is a good group of linebackers? Nobriga: "I feel like we're taking the next step and that every day we take the next step. In practice we execute what we need to do and come out there and give 100 percent."

Scout: What do you have to do to push for starting job? Nobriga: "For me, it's just a team effort. I feel like we're one unit, we're whole. Everyone's accomplishments, it's all reflected on each other because we battle every day in practice. I have to give credit to everybody. We're all just out there working hard."

Scout: On a personal level are there things Cabral has told you to work on? Nobriga: "Just what he says to everybody - just know what you're supposed to do, know the plays and execute."

Scout: Do you feel like you're ready to contribute on a regular basis? Nobriga: "I feel like however coach Cabral needs me, I'm there. I'm just going to continue to work, regardless of position (on the depth chart). I'm just going to come in and contribute where I can."

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