Hirschman: "I'm going to be ready"

The Colorado football program has often needed its backup quarterback at some point during the season over the years. If that becomes the case in 2011, redshirt freshman Nick Hirschman says he is prepared for action despite missing most of August practices.

When you returned to practices recently, how far behind did you feel like you were?

Nick Hirschman "I didn't feel like I was far behind at all. I was able to get in the playbook while I was hurt, and I didn't fall behind. I got on the tape. The only thing I couldn't do was move. So I wasn't far behind at all."

You watched film with the team and attended all the quarterback meetings throughout camp, correct?

NH: "I attended all the meetings. The first couple days when I wasn't out at practice they said there was no point to be out there just standing around. So I was in the training room."

Coach Embree says he feels good about you being the backup, but considering how much time you missed, is there any concern that if you are called upon you would be able to go out there and execute the entire game plan?

NH: "No, there is no doubt in my mind. They have drilled this stuff into our heads and we all know it well. If I get put in the game, it's going to be smooth.V and eating junk food. I was in all the meetings and really got in the playbook. If I'm called upon at all, I'm sure I'll be fine."

Have you ever suffered an injury that kept you out for an extended period like that before?

NH: "I broke my leg in high school and I missed a game, but that was it. It was like six games in and I broke the small bone in my leg. I missed one game for that."

How did being out affect your timing within the offense and with receivers?

NH: "Again, I really don't feel I'm far behind. Once I got back out here and even when I was in the boot I was able to throw. Drops come back real, real fast, especially when you've been doing it so long like all of us have. It takes you a couple to get your feet back under you, but it's like riding a bike a little bit."

In the recent past with Colorado football, it has seemed like more often than not the program has needed to call on the backup quarterback at some point in the season. Does that possibility excite you?

NH: It's very exciting. Any time an athlete gets an opportunity to go out and show what he can do it's very exciting. Of course you never wish for anybody to get hurt, but if that unfortunately happened to go down, I'd be ready. It would be a smooth transition and I think the guys trust me. I trust all of them to be doing there jobs."

There obviously is also the chance that you could be called on if you guys are winning a game easily and Tyler no longer needs to be in there

NH: "Yeah, it's an exciting opportunity. It will be my first college playing experience. No matter when I get to step on the field, I'm going to be ready and I'm going to be excited to do it."