Bieniemy finding his way

Colorado offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy says he has settled on a seat in the coaches' box for calling the plays on game days after spending one game on the field and one game upstairs so far this season. Bieniemy's offense is looking like it will be fun to watch this season regardless of where he chooses to make the calls after putting nearly 600 total yards in Week 2.

You've spent one game on the sidelines and one game in the box, which do you prefer?

Eric Bieniemy ""If we would have came away with two victories, it wouldn't have mattered. I just have to be honest. Being upstairs you can see more. It's a calmer environment and it's probably what's best for me. But obviously I'm missing the field because I've always been a guy who has always been a part of it. Being up there, professionally you can just see things and it's a much better view."

What has it been like for you being the the guy calling the plays on game day, something I know you always have wanted to do?

EB: "It's been great. We have a tremendous staff. We've got a very good group of coaches that believe in detail and are making sure we do a great job of putting our guys in the right positions so that they can have some success. It's been fun. It would be a lot more fun if we were 2-0."

Are you second guessing yourself when you go back and look at the film on Sundays or Mondays?

EB: "Oh yeah, there is a few calls you wish you could take back. Obviously things happen throughout the course of the game. There are a few things if I could change, I would. But I will say this, I am proud of our kids' effort, and the one thing I want them to understand is that sometimes just playing hard just isn't good enough. We've got to detail it and finish the game."

I would imagine you are learning a lot as you go through this season calling games for the first time and being faced with certain decisions for the first time?

EB: "I'm learning a lot. Every single day is a learning experience. Every day.

What is it that you are enjoying most about the job?

EB: "It's fun because it's not that you're focusing on your position any more. For years I've always had the opportunity to focus just on my guys, but now I've got to see the bigger picture. I've got to do what's best for the O-line, the quarterback, the receivers, the tight ends. It's a combination of everything. It's making sure that I'm putting everybody in the right situations so we can be successful."

What do you have to do to get the running game going?

EB: "First of all, we've got to have some consistency up front to be able to run it. We've got to read it better from a halfback point of view. We've got to come off the ball. We've got to block better. There are a number of things. That's the beauty of coming back to work each day. We've got an opportunity to improve upon that today."

How much of a factor has it been that you've had so many guys banged up on the offensive line?

EB: "You know, it's out of your control and those things happen. The bottom line is that you just want the next guy to come in and just do his job. I say it all the time to these guys, 'Just do your job and don't worry about doing somebody else's job because that's when things go wrong."

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