Richardson needs more touches

The Colorado football team has plenty of problems that need to be addressed heading into Pac-12 Conference play at 1-3. The Buffs' best day so far this season came against the only Pac-12 team they have played -- Cal, in a nonconference game -- and wide receiver Paul Richardson made all the difference that day. Get inside for more.

Over the past two games, Paul Richardson has caught eight passes for 65 yards, four catches in each game.

It's not as if he is being totally shut out, but the most talented offensive player on the Colorado roster needs to have to ball in his hands more often.

Coaches need to get creative in finding ways to get the ball in his hands. Line him up in the slot. Let him run reverses, throw him some bubble screens and let him create. Heck, line him up in the backfield a time or two just keep defenses guessing.

And when coaches do call his number, Richardson has to do a better job of holding on the passes. He has had a tough time catching the ball the past two weeks.

Richardson isn't going to have too many days like he had against Cal, 11 catches for 284 yards and two touchdowns. He shouldn't be expected to. But he can't just be a spoke in the wheel either. There is no other player on the CU roster with his speed and explosiveness and those abilities have to be taken advantage of, especially now that conference play has arrived.

Oklahoma coaches find ways to get Ryan Broyles the ball each week. USC coaches do the same with Robert Woods, as do Oklahoma State coaches with Justin Blackmon. Sure, those programs have other very talented players surrounding those dynamic receivers making the job easier, but the CU staff has to get its best offensive player the ball more often than four times a game.

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