Staying the course

A more subdued Jon Embree spoke to the media on Tuesday.

BOULDER -- On Monday, first-year University of Colorado head football coach Jon Embree said his upcoming press conferences would probably be "pretty boring."

On Tuesday, he made good on that.

Embree's emotions have been a hot topic of late. He has always been straight forward and honest. Maybe to a fault, some say.

As the losses have mounted -- and none were more frustrating than last Saturday's 31-27 loss to Washington State -- Embree's frustration has shown. He has admitted the Buffs (1-4) aren't deep with talent. On Saturday, he publicly stated his message to the team.

"When is it enough?" he said that day. "When are they going to get tired of losing?"

Tuesday, during his weekly meeting with the press, Embree didn't wear the usual smile he wears. He didn't answer questions with the same energy. He was, well, boring.

"I'm just answering questions," he said.

Embree was asked if he felt his emotions were detrimental to the team.

"You'll have to ask them," he said.

Asked if he was concerned about it, he said, "You'll have to ask them."

Embree was also asked how his players are rallying from the tough loss to Washington State.

"I'm not going to speak about the team," he said. "I'll let you ask those guys because every time I say something it's construed a different manner. I'll let them tell you how they feel or how they're rallying. We're just going to keep preparing for Stanford."

While Embree took a more subdued approach to his press conference, the two players at the press conference -- cornerback Jason Espinoza and quarterback Tyler Hansen -- defended their head coach.

"I think it's a good thing," Espinoza said of Embree's emotions, "because obviously he came here to win. That just shows he's sick of losing. I definitely am too.

"I don't think anyone should take (the comments the wrong way), because it has been enough."

Hansen insisted Embree's emotions and post-game comments have no negative impact on the Buffs.

"We know where he's coming from," Hansen said. "We know what he meant by that. We've been here for four or five years, and enough is enough.

"Coach Embree, he's a stand-up guy and he's going to tell you how it is. A lot of guys respect that. They like that. We enjoy what he has to say and what his opinion is."

Although frustration has clearly set in, Embree said he and his staff still have the same vision for the program.

"You just have to believe in your plan, you've got to keep contact with your players, making sure they're on board," he said. "You can't lower your standard. You just have to keep doing it, and recruiting and getting guys that fit your system.

"As you start winning, your program, your players start developing confidence. Then it just kind of takes itself over. When you have a really good team, they take over a lot of internal issues and stuff you don't deal with as head coach. You don't have as many things pop up per se when you're winning.

"The reason it isn't hard (to keep the vision) is because guys on this team, the core guys have the same vision, have the same desires. That makes it easier."

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