Sticking together

Three consecutive losses, a handful of key injuries and five suspensions have to be affecting the Colorado football team. CU coaches and players talked about what they are facing and where they go from here after another loss at Stanford.

"It's not like we're going to quit," senior guard Ryan Miller said. "We won't quit.

"...We definitely have heart in their (the locker room). There is definitely still a team in there. The Colorado Buffaloes are still in there."

Talk of bowl games, south division championships and any other lofty goals is nonsense at this point. CU is just looking for a positive week and a win to celebrate, particularly on the road.

The Buffs head out on the Pac-12 trail again this week with a road trip to Washington where they hope to find a way to end the nation's longest road losing streak in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

"We've got to just move on," senior quarterback Tyler Hansen said. "It's the same as the last couple weeks have been. It's water under the bridge. It's unfortunate. We were right there. We're as good as any team we've played so far. We all know that. We've been unlucky. We've just got to keep moving on and keep fighting."

Hansen's assessment of how the Buffs compare with their opponents obviously couldn't have been intended to include Stanford, which throttled CU 48-7 on Saturday.

But there is an element of truth there. The Buffs can still produce some positive moments this season and leave something to build on, but the first step in doing that is finding a way to beat one of these teams against whom they are more evenly matched than the Cardinal.

The Buffs didn't look very good at Stanford or Ohio State, but they have played Cal and Washington State to the wire. There is no reason to think they can't beat several of the opponents remaining on their schedule.

"This is tough," coach Jon Embree said. "We have what we have, and we've just got to find a way. We've got to continue to figure a way."

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