"Too Fast" Canty gets his shot

Anyone who has been paying attention to Colorado football over the past 18 months has heard reports from practice about the quick and elusive wide receiver who has impressed his teammates over and over again. Now he's finally getting a chance to show the rest of us what he can do on Saturday afternoons. Get inside for more

Redshirt freshman Keenan Canty was called on last week to fill the shoes of injured sophomore wide receiver Paul Richardson, who is expected to be out for a month with a sprained knee he suffered last week in practice.

Canty made three catches for 23 yards against Stanford in his first college start. He has seen playing time previously this season, but entered last week's game having failed to record an offensive statistic in the first four games in which he played.

Canty came away from the outing feeling like he did well with plenty of room for improvement.

"It was pretty good," Canty said. "I had a few mistakes that we're going to be working on this week and things like that. I just keep striving to get better."

Canty learned he would be starting in place of Richardson Friday and said he wasn't nervous going into the game because he had played previously.

Quarterback Tyler Hansen and coach Jon Embree both said Canty played well in his first significant involvement in the offense. Hansen described Canty as sometimes being "too fast" for him.

"He's fast, he's real fast," Hansen said. "He can fly and he runs good routes. Sometimes he's too fast. He's coming out of breaks before I'm ready at the top of my drop and stuff like that. So sometimes he can be too fast and he can be too deep on routes, stuff like that. But he's a good receiver. He's going to be a good player down the road."

Canty said he has to work on slowing down his routes a little bit. He said it's something he has been working on since he arrived at Colorado. Teammates have told him he is too fast from the start.

Colorado coaches didn't waste any time getting Canty involved at Stanford. Two of the first four offensive plays were passes to Canty for five and 13-yard gains. But Canty was quiet for much of the rest of the game. He hopes to be more involved through the entire game this week at Washington.

"It was pretty good getting the first pass out of the way," he said. "Then you could just be ready for the rest of the game."

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