Q&A with Peyton Williams

Future Colorado wide receiver Peyton Williams suffered a knee injury last month, ending his senior season one game shy of the Texas state championship. His teammates went on to win the title and now Williams is looking forward to his future in Boulder and getting back on the football field. Get inside for more.

Peyton Williams took a few minutes out of his day Tuesday to talk about his left knee injury and his future with BuffaloSportsNews as he prepares for knee surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament on Thursday.

BSN: You had tough ending to your high school career. Could you tell us about that and where things stand with your injury?

PW: "Obviously that was pretty disappointing, but it was Week 15 and not Week 8 or whatever. So I did get to play 15 games. It's unfortunate that I didn't get to play in the state game, but at least we won. I'm just looking forward to getting the surgery and getting to recover. I'm having surgery on Thursday."

BSN: You must have been crushed to have your high school career end the way it did. What were your emotions?

PW: "Oh man, it was devastating. It was one of those things that you think it's never going to happen to you and then it happens to you and it's just horrible. That was probably the hardest week of my life. It was real depressing but I'm over it and I realize things happen for a reason and if you play football, it's going to happen. It's a physical sport. It's what you sign up for."

BSN: How did it happen? Was it a contact injury where you were hit awkwardly, a non-contact play? What happened?

PW: "It was non-contact. I caught a shallow route and I was cutting across the field and I was going to fake a move on this dude and I cut right and it just blew out. No contact."

BSN: You've probably talked to CU coaches about it by now. What do they say about the injury?

PW: "They just said get better, you know? It doesn't change anything. Get healed up and you'll be fine. That was comforting. They were just saying, 'You can learn from it and it's only going to make you stronger and you can come back stronger.' So that was comforting knowing that they're behind me in this."

BSN: Do you have any friends or teammates who have been through a torn ACL before and can offer you any guidance?

PW: "I actually have one of my really good friends who blew out his knee this year and I have another good friend who blew out his knee last year. So they've been through it, too. One of them was a starting linebacker, Dillon Rake. He did it during spring football, but he came back stronger."

BSN: What do the doctors tell you about your prognosis for being able to participate in fall camp and play as a true freshman next season?

PW: "Well, I'm anticipating I'll be full go, but, you know, they say about six months. But I'm not like most people. I'm going to work a lot harder. So I'll probably heal a lot faster I'm assuming."

BSN: Based on what you just said, is it safe to assume you haven't given any thought to redshirting next season?

PW: "Well, that's the coach's decision to make. I don't know about that. I'm sure we'll talk more about that on my official visit (Jan. 20)."

BSN: What I meant is, you probably haven't decided on your own that because of your injury a redshirt would be in your best interests?

PW: "No, I haven't. No sir. I'm a little bit different. I work extremely hard. Like this injury, they say six months, I'm going to come back in four. It's one of those things where it's just a driving thing. I think I'll come back a lot stronger from it."

BSN: Your teammates who have gone through this, what have they told you about it?

PW: "They've been great just talking to me and supporting me and helping me. Talking to people who have gone through it like Dillon, he says, 'You can come back stronger and I feel better than I ever have.' That's comforting. I know that."

BSN: You said you will be here on Jan. 20 for an official visit. Are you excited for that and what do you hope to see or find out?

PW: "I'm real excited. You know, I visited this summer. It was an unofficial visit, just looking around for about a day, and I loved it. I'm really looking forward to the official. I'm just excited to talk to the coaches a little bit more and talk to the players, cause when I was there, I didn't really get to talk to any of the players. I want to talk to the players and see how things run and see how things work around there. That's what I'm really looking forward to."

BSN: When do you plan to be here in Colorado full time? At what point in the summer?

PW: "I'm not sure. I'll probably find out on my official. I'm assuming it's going to be early in the summer.

What has this whole experience with the injury and having football temporarily taken away from you taught you? What have you learned from it?

PW: "The main thing I've learned from it is, you know, I love this sport with all my heart. I don't think anybody could love it as much as I do. This is my life. It's what I do, but it taught me how precious the game is. You could be practicing and you could blow your knee out. It's just so precious. At any minute the game can be taken from you. Luckily, I'm going to recover and be fine, but that's how precious the game is. At any second it could change. That's really helped me a lot. It's really going to help me not take things for granted and just kind of play with even more passion."

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