Christopher Fox: Power, tenacity, talent

Offensive tackle Christopher Fox from Ponderosa High School is the top football recruit in the state of Colorado in the 2013 cycle. He has multiple offers from some elite programs. Get inside to find out what he thinks about the Buffs.

Ponderosa High School coach Randy Huff can't say enough good things about the star of his team, Christopher Fox.

"The thing that most people have told me that stands out the most is how physical he is," Huff said. "He really is trying to destroy people when he hits them. He's not just a big body. He's a real football player for sure."

Fox, a 6-foot-6, 300-pound prospect is communicating with multiple programs. Fox said he has seven offers including Colorado, Michigan, Purdue, Iowa, Ohio State, Missouri and Florida State. He said he remains completely wide open and hasn't ruled anyone out or established any favorites yet. He said he is not waiting for any particular school to offer either. He didn't grow up a fan of a particular college program.

Fox said he will know the right school for him when he sees it and experiences it.

"I just want a place that fits me the best," he said. "I just want to love everything about the college, the campus, the coaches, everything, the other players. I just want the best fit for me."

Fox plays right tackle for Ponderosa, which is a right-handed team in its run offense, Huff said. Fox played on the defensive line for the most part as a freshman and sophomore, though he did start a a few games on the offensive line as a sophomore.

Huff said he expects Fox to play pretty much the entire game on both sides of the ball as a senior.

Fox describes himself and his mentality on the field this way: "Physical, relentless," Fox said. "I like to embarrass people."

Asked to play critic for a moment when it comes to Fox, Huff had a hard time naming flaws in his tackle's game.

"Maybe consistency," Huff said. "Instead of eight out of 10 plays, 10 out of 10 plays. I would say simply based on what our scheme is, he's going to have to work diligently on pass protection and pass sets and hands. Hands are huge obviously.

"For us at the high school level, which is really all I care about, he's a 10 out of 10 guy. He doesn't have to fix anything."

Huff said he believes one of the most important factors for Fox will be having a good relationship with his position coach at the next level.Fox agreed that is important to him.

Fox said he talks with Colorado coaches regularly and has a good relationship with the staff in Boulder. He said he likes what he sees and what he has heard from the Buffs.

"Great program," Fox said. "I love the staff. I love all the coaches. They've got good things going on up there."

Fox is obviously a priority prospect for Colorado coaches, especially in the wake of losing out on every in-state offensive line recruit in the 2012 class. Fox said he has no preference when it comes to staying close to home or leaving the state for school.

"Going out of state or in state, it doesn't really matter to me because I've got family all over the place," Fox said. "As far as playing goes, I just want to play. So wherever I have the best chance to play. I just want to be successful wherever I go."

Based on previous interviews Fox has done, Colorado's biggest competition for Fox at this point might be Michigan. Fox called Michigan "incredible" after making an unofficial visit there last year. He said he talks frequently with Michigan coaches.

Huff said he has been impressed with the way Huff has handled the attention he is getting. As a veteran coach who has been through recruiting wars over his players before, he knows it's only going to intensify as the year goes along. He said Fox is ready for it.

"He's handled it well so far," Huff said. "He's getting phone calls and stacks and stacks and stacks of letters. We've had a lot of visits obviously, which is good for our school and our program. He's handling it as well as anybody can. He's not one of those guys who enjoys that much attention. He likes being recognized, but it's also a lot of hard work to keep up with and stuff."

Fox will compete in the shot put this spring. He said his goal is to qualify for the state meet. He said he is working hard in the weight room trying to get stronger for his senior season. He has no definitive timetable set for making a decision.

"It's just really exciting all the attention that I'm getting and all the phone calls and just talking to all these different colleges," Fox said. "It's a lot of fun. I'm enjoying it."